What is a Yoni Egg?

When it comes to vaginal health & pleasure, cultivating deep connection to your own pussy is key. By prioritizing the health of your vaginal tissues and pelvic bowl, you can increase your orgasmic capacity and restore balance to your entire body.

Using a yoni egg is one simple yet powerful way to cultivate deeper connection to your pussy, while building vaginal strength and increasing internal awareness and pleasure.

How to use yoni eggs

Yoni eggs (sometimes called jade eggs due to the traditional stone of the original Taoist practice being jade) are most effective when used daily or at least three (3) times weekly. Consistency is key if you want to experience all the benefits this practice has to offer. At the same time, you’ll also notice shifts very quickly, often within only 2-3 uses! 

Using a yoni egg may seem intimidating, but it’s actually pretty simple. Start with clean hands and a clean yoni egg. We recommend that you lay on your bed flat on your back for the easiest insertion and for first learning how to use your egg. The key is to relax, and take deep conscious breaths to prepare your yoni & pelvic bowl for the insertion of the egg.

It can be helpful to simply hold the egg at the entrance of your vagina, while breathing deeply into your pelvis, such that your vagina has time to soften and welcome the egg inside, rather than forcefully inserting it. When you can feel that your pussy is naturally starting to “draw” the egg inside her, carefully insert the egg into your vagina, using your fingers to guide it in place (especially if you are a beginner - with greater practice you can use your vaginal muscles to move the egg inside you). From here, you can practice locating and feeling the egg inside different areas in your vagina by placing your awareness on both the egg and the sensations it creates inside you.

If using your yoni egg with a string, you can practice rhythmically engaging your muscles around the egg to hold it in place, while applying downward resistance on the string. This acts as a “weight-lifting” practice where the additional resistance applied on the egg causes the vagina to engage even more strongly to hold the egg in place. You can experiment with this even more by placing the egg in different areas of your vagina in order to develop articulation and strength throughout the canal as you apply resistance with the string.

How to use a yoni egg without a string

If you’re using a yoni egg without a string, there’s no need to panic. If at any point the yoni egg feels stuck inside you, it cannot actually get lost. Panicking can cause the pelvic bowl to contract, making it more difficult to remove the egg. The yoni egg can be removed by simply squatting down or relaxing onto your bed, and scooping the egg out with one finger. In squatting position, you can also bear down and push the egg out. If you choose this method, squat over something soft so that if the yoni egg falls out, it will not land on a hard surface which could cause damage to the crystal.

Benefits of using a yoni egg

Using a yoni egg provides numerous benefits, many of which will be unique to you and where you are on your journey.

  • It can increase your connection with your vagina - which has several benefits on its own such as supporting you to attune to your pussy as a source of intuition and guidance 
  • It increases sensation during sex or masturbation by increasing sensitivity in the tissues
  • It awakens and increases your libido by enhancing pelvic awareness and revving up sexual energy (which naturally occurs as a result of consciously engaging your vaginal muscles
  • It increases wetness and lubrication via increasing circulation and arousal
  • It relieves incontinence (weak bladder or accidentally peeing) due to strengthening your pelvic muscles and supporting your pelvis to resume its most natural, healthy alignment
  • It increases blood flow to the vagina which can restore health and elasticity to the tissues

Using a yoni egg can greatly support a healthy and thriving sex life, whether with a partner or on your own. It can also be used as a meditative or creativity-enhancing practice by helping you ground into your lower body and circulate sexual energy. Many women enjoy using their yoni egg as part of a morning ritual for this reason.

The benefits of using a yoni egg are powerful and well-documented; and there are many potent testimonials that attest to the transformational capacity of this practice! The key is to embrace your yoni egg practice as a personal journey and allow the wisdom of your body to guide you along the way.