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"I bought the Black Obsidian Curve along with The Cervix Wand™. I can't begin to express how grateful I am for these products. I've been working on healing past sexual trauma that has manifested severe unprovoked vulvodynia and vaginismus for the past 3 yrs. Using your products, along with working with a sex coach/therapist has helped me significantly reduce my pain and I've even begun to experience incredible pleasure. Just wanted to say a sincere thank you, and let you know how much your products have impacted my life (not just my sex life)."

Rachel, New York

"I’ve bought the Black Obsidian Amrita Wand, the Clear Quartz Pleasure Wand, the Pink Aventurine Amrita Wand, the White Jade Amrita Wand, and the Blue Quartz Pleasure Wand. I’ve loved all of your products and especially the Black Obsidian Amrita Wand which has helped me to get over sexual abuse from past guys... The Clear Quartz Wand has helped me to clear and open up my yoni, and these days I actually enjoy sex which I did not do before..."

Vanessa, Sweden

"I’ve integrated the Rose Quartz Pleasure Wand into my self-pleasure practice for almost a month now. Having this crystal has been incredibly powerful in setting the tone for such a sacred ritual. It’s weight creates a lovely pressure that signals my pelvic muscles to let go. As someone with a history of pelvic floor tension, I have noticed that this has allowed me to soften, surrender and receive much more deeply. I am grateful to say that I feel more profound sensation and pleasure in my pussy than I ever thought possible!"

Ashley, Calgary

"I purchased The Cervix Wand™ a few months ago, and I am absolutely in awe of it and grateful. Not only was the communication and shopping experience amazing, but the product is incredible. I have used it for pleasure and also huge healing work. Using this product helped to accentuate my self love healing journey that I am on. Thank you!"

Tanya, Kelowna

"I could feel I needed more, and I knew it wasn't going to come from anywhere but me. I hadn't ever really known the potential of my cervix, and my curiosity and lack of satisfaction with other toys led me to find The Cervix Wand™. My own exploration using this wand has brought me closer to myself and inside a seed, has blossomed self-pleasure into self-love! THANK YOU!"

Audrey, USA

"As if a short review could encompass the impact that my wands have had in my life!!! When I first began my journey with The Cervix Wand™, I was dealing with trauma and chronic pain. My vagina was numb and pleasure wasn’t a common feeling- in fact, touching myself felt weird and I avoided it at first. Now I am the proud owner of another Black Obsidian Wand that is allowing me to explore myself in ways I have never before. In short, these wands go way beyond the physical pleasure. My wands are part of my self-care and a large part of my self discovery. I fucking love my wands."

Gazal, Toronto

"I got the Venus Wand™ specifically to support awakening my g-spot, and my oh my is it amazing!! The weight of the steel is the best part! I barely have to put in effort and it puts just the right amount of sensational pleasure on specific spots. I used it to massage other parts of my body and ran it under hot water to change the temperature which felt divine. It came in beautiful packaging and a lovely felt bag that I just love looking at! Thank you so much for inspiring this journey of mine & supplying such high quality wands! I feel good buying intimate products from someone whom I feel I can trust. Thank you!"

Victoria, California

"After finding Courtney's website and reading what she did regarding women's sexuality, I felt intrigued and wanted to find out more. I bought a yoni egg to start out with. I tried it the minute I got home. No word of a lie, I could sense the difference with this Amethyst yoni egg and a store bought plastic egg. Moving forward, I bought the Venus Wand™. I am now understanding that I am totally disconnected with my vagina and my feelings. I can see now I would like to become more familiar with how my body can truly work!!!"

T, Airdrie

"The Rose Quartz Pleasure Wand is beautiful! It helped me come into true communication with my yoni. It's so interesting, I find that in knowing where the Rose Quartz comes from (the earth) I am automatically able to be present with my body more. Whereas vibrators are used to GET an orgasm from my body, the Pleasure Wand is used to BE with my yoni."

Sydney, Alberta

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Waterproof Intimacy Blankets

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Zoom Cervix glass pleasure wand Online
Zoom The Cervix Wand™
Zoom The Cervix Wand™
Zoom The Cervix Wand™
Zoom Cervix glass pleasure wand for vaginal & anal de-armouring
Zoom The Cervix Wand™
Zoom Affordable Cervix glass pleasure wand for vaginal & anal de-armouring
Zoom The Cervix Wand™

The Cervix Wand™

Our #1 best-selling glass pleasure wand for vaginal & anal de-armouring. Designed for cervical & g-spot stimulation, the Cervix Wand™ has helped thousands of women become more connected to their pussy & pleasure while supporting them to heal pelvic pain through self-yoni massage.  

The Cervix Wand™ is the ideal wand for those wanting to explore yoni mapping, internal pelvic massage, healing pussy pain, healing numbness, & awakening more pleasure. It is also the preferred wand for those wanting to explore g-spot stimulation with a narrow, lightweight wand. (This differs from the g-spot pleasure experienced by the heavy, deeply penetrating Venus Wand™). 
  • 25cm long x 3cm (bulbous end) x 2cm (thinner end)  
  • Bulbous end is designed for cervical stimulation  
  • Narrow end is designed for the g-spot & stimulating the interior vaginal walls  
  • Velvet silk-lined pouch for safe keeping 
  • Discrete packaging
  • Ships globally from Calgary, Canada + Austin, TX

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    Become a stockist or earn commissions for sharing our products. Dropshipping options available.

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