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Anal Sex - End the Taboo - WAANDS™

Anal Sex - End the Taboo

Anal sex. Curious? Been there, done that, hated it? Never in a million years? While there’s a spectrum of perspectives on anal play, the facts are facts; anal play is...

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The Pros + Cons of Casual Sex - WAANDS™

The Pros + Cons of Casual Sex

Casual sex versus committal sex continues to be a grand divide in the collective beliefs of people today. Many threads of the controversy stem from the grand debates of religion...

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Fantasy vs. Embodied Pleasure - WAANDS™

Fantasy vs. Embodied Pleasure

Your lover initiates intimacy, but you can’t get into it because your mind is elsewhere. You lay down to begin your pleasure practice and your body is completely numb until...

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The Daddy Kink - WAANDS™

The Daddy Kink

Let’s be honest. Calling your partner daddy, is either one of those things you’re really into, or totally grossed out by. But perhaps you find yourself somewhere in the middle,...

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Mindful Masturbation Guide - WAANDS™

Mindful Masturbation Guide

Films and TV shows often depict masturbation as a solo-quickie under the duvet covers or something done whilst watching porn or other visually stimulating content. While we might not always...

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