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Customer, Miami 
“When I got my first Obsidian Wand, the first time I used it, I felt a difference. That was about a year ago. It not only helped my vagina relax so I can now enjoy (and prefer) penetrative sex, it also sensitized my vagina within so that it opened me up to new sensations and another level of pleasure… 
It awakened my sexuality to such a degree that it literally changed who I am and how I show up in the world. It has given me the courage to be myself, to be authentic in my sexual expression, it has opened me sexually to many wonderful new experiences, it has empowered me and made me the owner of my pleasure and my body. It has allowed me to purge a tremendous amount of trauma and pain I was storing in my vagina.” 

Maria, Greece 
"OH MY GOD. I sent you a message right after unboxing my Black Obsidian Curve a while ago, but I had to write to you again and give a proper review of this amazing wand. First of all, it has brought profound changes in my life. Soon after it arrived, I left behind the career option I was pursuing, because it no longer resonated with me, I felt my interpersonal relationships deepen and my essence came a little closer to the surface. I feel as if I am tapping into a source of vitality, liberated expression and happiness. It is unlike anything I have experienced before 🙏 As for the practicals...well, this wand is DIVINE!  

Having just finished my most intense yoni worship session with the help of my magic wand, I feel more sexually empowered than ever before! I am trying not to have a specific goal but just breathe deeply, listening to my yoni's needs and being as verbal as possible. It's working out in the most beautiful way! 💞 While stimulating my G-spot I made a little mess out of my bed, but it was SO worth it! 😅 Will definitely be a regular customer of yours!!!" 

Customer, Miami 
“I absolutely love the Amethyst Wand, it is BEAUTIFUL! I have a feeling I’m going to be using it for more than self-pleasure. As I hold it in my left hand I am filled with a sense of calm and expansion. I think it will make a beautiful meditation crystal. I am very drawn to Amethyst and it has always made its way to me.” 

Rheanna, Okotoks 
"I purchased a Traditional Amethyst Pleasure Wand early this year. Seeing the Amethyst Wand caused so much excitement, I am still so amazed by the beauty of it! It took playing with it on a few occasions before I was comfortable using it for penetration. However, I started with using the wand for body and chest/breast massage, and thoroughly enjoy the heat it radiates once warmed up! Definitely a favourite of mine!" 

Eileen, Chicago 
"The Blue Quartz Pleasure Wand came packaged in layers of protection assuring its safety during shipping. It arrived quickly and is so visually beautiful! These crystals have helped me work through trauma and move forward in an empowering way. I will purchase more as soon as I am able!" 

Marie, New York 
"I received my wand yesterday and I'm LOVING it!! It is so beautiful and so powerful." 

Customer, Miami 
“I could go on about how deeply these products have transformed me as a woman. They became a vehicle for me to connect with a part of myself I had long repressed. Today I used my Obsidian Wand, the Cervix Wand™, and Jade Egg as part of my sacred sex practice I do at least twice a week in ritual. 
Self pleasure for me is now a way to connect to my higher self. These practices (I also took your VLV course!) and these wands have healed my sexuality in a way I never thought possible. Soon after my wand experiences I discarded those plastic dilators… I now only use crystal wands for my self pleasure. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you teach and do. 🙏😘” 

Sydnie, Pennsylvania 
"I ordered The Cervix Wand™ about 6 months ago and it has changed my self pleasuring experience completely. It has helped me regain feeling and sensation deep inside my vagina that I didn’t know was possible. It also really helped me identify my G-spot, I’ve never felt it so engorged! I’ve even managed to start squirting and oh my heavens, I can’t believe I was missing out on that all these years. 
I also ordered a Black Obsidian Yoni Egg. The egg has helped me gain control of my pelvic floor muscles and has allowed me to feel so much more connected to my yoni. The particular stone has assisted me in some root chakra healing and allows me to feel super grounded when I use it. I also struggled with my flow during my moon and when I started using the egg, it brought my flow back to feeling like a normal, healthy release. I have so much appreciation for these products and I can’t wait to order more to add to my self pleasure collection, and access even more pleasure and utilize my sexual energy in powerful, sacred ways. So much love and gratitude! xo" 

Rachel, New York 
"I just wanted to reach out and let you know how much I love your products. I just bought the Black Obsidian Curve (received a few days ago), and along with The Cervix Wand™. I can't begin to express how grateful I am for these products. I've been working on healing past sexual trauma that has manifested severe unprovoked vulvodynia and vaginismus for the past 3 yrs. 
Using your products, along with working with a sex coach/therapist have helped me significantly reduce my pain and even begun to experience incredible pleasure. Just wanted to say a sincere thank you, and let you know how much your products have impacted my life (not just my sex life)." 

Customer, Toronto 
“I have to share that I watched your yoni massage video. In the past week, I have had 3 of the most amazing mind blowing orgasms EVER!! I feel such a difference and I’m actually relaxing!” 

Customer, USA 
My Cervix Wand™ and Yoni Egg came in over the weekend and I’m so excited to begin a new journey to deeper pleasure!” 

Jennifer, New York 
“I actually stopped using The Cervix Wand™ for a few weeks after 2 breakups, total shut down, and masculine overdrive… and inevitably felt such stagnant energy. And then started using it again and HELLLOOOO. It’s magical. I’m forever grateful for it and want every yoni to have one.” 

Blare, Calgary 
“I just wanted to share that after working through a LOT of sensitivity, I finally got to a level with the Cervix Wand™ where I can experience full massage, and wow! 
So many emotions stored there. I had a night where I released so much regret and sadness. It was painful, overwhelming, beautiful, and nurturing all at the same time. 
It helped me be gentle with myself. It was like my body finally had the stage to express how much she had been holding inside.” 

Cutomer, Mexico 
“Hello dear! Just tried my glass Cervix Wand™ this morning and I am in love ❤️❤️❤️ It’s better than I expected!” 

Customer, USA 
“I had so many realizations in the past 2 days, and today, practicing with my Cervix Wand™, I had NO pain in my g spot!! And literally flowing squirting all over the place. If that isn’t some kind of indication that I’m on the right path, I don’t know what is!” 

Customer, USA 
“My partner loves her Cervix Wand™ I bought from your store. We named it ‘Patience’ 😉💜” 

Customer, Miami 
“Hi Courtney, just wanted to let you know I received my Cervix Wand™ and it’s soooo BEAUTIFUL!!! I feel like my yoni is now honoured and given the love it deserves by using such beautiful pleasure ‘toys’. One really does feel like a goddess when you choose to use only the best and most beautiful for self pleasuring. Thank you so much! 🙏” 

Customer, USA 
“Just had my first Gspot orgasm! Thanks to your wonderful Cervix Wand™, after a month or so working on releasing tension and allowing myself to open up, I finally had an orgasm without clitoral stimulation.” 

Customer, Toronto 
“Been over 6 months with my wand now and I finallllyyyyyy feel myself moving into new stages of the pelvic floor and blocked energy and trauma. I also never used the wand for orgasms, more so for yoni massage, but I came twice from it yesterday! 🙏🙏🙏 LOVE the wandddd.” 

Tanya, Miami 
"Your teachings have elevated my self-pleasure to a sacred act. One that I perform in ritual, at least twice a week now. The wands in particular, especially The Cervix Wand™, have been amazing in helping me release tension. And all kinds of stuck negative emotions from my pelvic region that I didn't even know I was holding there. As a result, I am more open. My vagina's more open, it is softer, it is juicier. It has awakened me sexually, in a way that I feel very fulfilled and very proud of." 

Brittany, Canada 
"I purchased The Cervix Wand™ upon first stumbling across womb healing after much searching due to a loss of my menstrual cycle for 4 months. I was searching for answers and holistic ways to heal rather than reprint the diagnosis that my doctor gave me. I wanted to dig deeper and alas I discovered that what I truly needed was to reconnect with my womb. Courtney mentioned that this wand and womb healing in general can encourage back my menstrual cycle loss and heal pussy pain which I was experiencing. Little did I know this was my yoni literally communicating and begging for me to connect with her. 
I have discovered my yoni and reconnected with my womb in ways I never knew I could. Sensation began to come back after feeling 1000% numb in the beginning, my libido came back as well as my dear menstrual cycle, I can now communicate with my womb and I always make pleasure a priority. I realized this was the missing ingredient in my life and connection to my self. It has been the most sacred gift of self love and I’m so freaking grateful. I have had the most mind blowing, body shaking, incredible, god given orgasms all by myself and all thanks to the magic of The Cervix Wand™. Courtney was very prompt at answering any of my worries or questions via email which made me feel reassurance, safe, secure and encouraged, as well as her instructional videos on Youtube about how to use a wand like this and what to do. It’s been the best gift to my self ever. I’m forever grateful and cannot wait to purchase more items from your store!! Thank you!!" 

Juliana, California 
"I just started using The Cervix Wand™ and was extremely surprised by my experience with it. After only a few minutes of use I experienced full body trembles and a huge energetic release that lasted for a really long time. Maybe 20 minutes or so? It was a wild experience. I am really excited to continue to learn to work with this toy. It feels like my body really needed it and I think it’s going to be giving me the breakthrough I’ve been looking for with regards to sexual pleasure." 

Gazal, Toronto 
"As if a short review could encompass the impact that my wands have had in my life!!! When I first began my journey with The Cervix Wand™, I was dealing with trauma and chronic pain. My vagina was numb and pleasure wasn’t a common feeling- in fact, touching myself felt weird and I avoided it at first. 
Now I am the proud owner of another Black Obsidian Wand that is allowing me to explore myself in ways I have never before. In short, these wands go way beyond the physical pleasure. My wands are part of my self-care and a large part of my self discovery. I fucking love my wands." 

Audrey , Canada
"I could feel I needed more, and I knew it wasn't going to come from anywhere but me. I hadn't ever really known the potential of my cervix, and my curiosity and lack of satisfaction with other toys led me to find The Cervix Wand™. My own exploration using this wand has brought me closer to myself and inside a seed, has blossomed self-pleasure into self-love! THANK YOU!" 

Tanya, Kelowna 
"I purchased The Cervix Wand™ a few months ago, and I am absolutely in awe of it and grateful. Not only was the communication and shopping experience amazing, but the product is incredible. I have used it for pleasure and also huge healing work. Using this product helped to accentuate my self love healing journey that I am on. Thank you!" 

Nicole, USA 
"When I purchased this glass wand I liked it, but I didn’t utilize it much because it requires me to truly be inside my body, mind, and soul while using it. I wasn’t ready to intuitively pleasure myself. 
This year I have come to LOVE this toy as it taught me how to really love my yoni! I trust Courtney and I admire all the honest work she puts into her company." 

Amanda, Alberta 
“I just wanted to say thanks for the Viva La Vagina course and tools, The Cervix Wand™ has helped me release so much tension. Thank you thank you, you're a sex goddess!” 

Customer, Canada 
“OMGGGGG…. I have NEVER experienced so much self love in my vagina [from my yoni egg]… so sensual, so exciting… I couldn’t stop laughing and dancing in my tub!!! I wear it when I want to feel more ALIVE!!! Thank you so much for your wisdom and I STILL want to buy a wand!!! Ahhh…” 

Customer, Miami 
“My Jade Egg has been beneficial for me in connecting with repressed pain. It’s amazing to observe how these different tools bring about their own Individual medicine. It’s so rewarding working with crystal pleasure toys. Thanks Courtney!” 

Customer, USA 
“My wand and yoni egg have changed everything! It’s like waking up.” 

Lauren, USA 
“I just used the Indian Jade Wand. I cried right after… Just receiving pleasure and the belief that I deserve it almost comes out as an opposite reaction - like tears of happiness or disbelief that I deserved that.” 

Yulia Rose, Global Tantra Practitioner 
"The Clear Quartz Pleasure Wand assisted me into having an energetic orgasm that expanded me so high I find it hard to describe in words. Each time I use it, I feel so much balance come back to my yoni, more pleasure, and deeper connection to my body. It has helped my body open to more juiciness & love, and helped me to honour my vagina." 

Juliane, Ontario 
"First, I was very pleased with the shipment and the packaging. My yoni egg arrived only a few days after I've put in my order. It came in a discrete package. The yoni egg was protected in a small black velvet bag and then carefully wrapped in pink satin paper. I was already loving my new little toy! 
The yoni egg looks and feels exactly how it is described. The crystal seems of very good quality, according to the colour and the texture. I've been using my yoni egg on a weekly basis since it has been part of my life. I have used it to strengthen my pelvic floor by wearing it during the day, I held it in my hands during my meditations as a way to open my heart and promote self-love and finally, I have used it under the sheets to pleasure myself and to awaken my spiritual libido and passion. 
This little thing works like magic! So far, my Rose Quartz Yoni Egg has brought me self-love, self-acceptance, and beautiful solo moments. It is my first crystal and I am very happy with it. I am planning to buy the pleasure wand next. I am already excited to welcome another crystal in my life! 🙂" 

Vanessa, Sweden 
"I’ve bought the Black Obsidian Amrita Wand, the Clear Quartz Wand, the Pink Aventurine Amrita Wand, the White Jade Amrita Wand, the Blue Quartz Pleasure Wand and yoni steaming herbs (Enhance blend). I’ve loved all of your products and especially the Black Obsidian Amrita Wand which has helped me to get over sexual abuse from past guys... The Clear Quartz Wand has helped me to clear and open up my yoni, and these days I actually enjoy sex which I did not do before..." 

T, Airdrie 
"After finding Courtney's website and reading what she did regarding women's sexuality, I felt intrigued and wanted to find out more. I bought a yoni egg to start out with. I tried it the minute I got home. No word of a lie, I could sense the difference with this Amethyst yoni egg and a store bought plastic egg. Moving forward, I bought The Venus Wand™. I am now understanding that I am totally disconnected with my vagina and my feelings. I can see now I would like to become more familiar with how my body can truly work!!!" 

Victoria, California 
"I got The Venus Wand™ specifically to support awakening my g-spot, and my oh my is it amazing!! The weight of the steel is the best part! I barely have to put in effort and it puts just the right amount of sensational pleasure on specific spots. I used it to massage other parts of my body and ran it under hot water to change the temperature which felt divine. It came in beautiful packaging and a lovely felt bag that I just love looking at! Thank you so much for inspiring this journey of mine & supplying such high quality wands! I feel good buying intimate products from someone whom I feel I can trust. Thank you!" 

Customer, USA 
“Firstly, I just want to thank you for the way you package all of your products. It is beautiful and special, and I can feel every ounce of your passion and dedication put into it. It made me so excited to unwrap it and I even waited 8 hours so I could do it in the comfort of my own home and presence. 
Secondly, I’m so astonished at how beautiful the product is. I don’t know why but it made me feel like crying when I put it in my hand for the first time. 
And lastly, I had the most beautiful experience this morning that has set my tone for my entire day, and I feel so powerful and full of self love 💓” 

Customer, USA 
“I received my yoni wand a couple days ago and only tried it out today… I was definitely NOT expecting to feel so connected and find so much pleasure! Wow.” 

Customer, USA 
“I had my first vaginal orgasm ever from the Traditional Rose Quartz!!! The second time I used it, I can’t believe it!!!” 

Customer, USA 
The Rose Quartz Pleasure Wand. I love it so much. I actually cried when I opened the package. I could just feel the beautiful energy radiating already!” 

Customer, USA 
“So after a lot of practice, I finally had my first ever internal orgasm with the help of my Rose Quartz Pleasure Wand I purchased from you!” 

Amanda, USA 
I recently invested in a crystal dildo and let me tell you! This type of orgasm and self pleasure that comes from a crystal dildo is what every woman deserves. 
It’s yummy, juicy, invigorating, all while using a crystal! How much better could it get? 

Georgia, USA 
"The first couple of uses of my Traditional Rose Quartz Wand was just for meditation, I just held it close to my heart and listened to a soft meditation and just wanted to make a connection with it. I found it to be extremely calming and I ended up sleeping with it those times and woke up with a lot of clarity and eased anxiety. I was not yet ready to use it for penetration. 
The first time I used it for penetration I was just trying to get comfortable with the feeling, so I laid on my back with low lights and the window open a little for some fresh air, and I caressed my body with it, and used it to massage my lower abdomen and womb area, and then I felt as if I was ready for penetration. I only used it for a short while as I was still a little shy. I did not orgasm this time. 
The last time I used it was the time I reached orgasm. I used it in a similar fashion. A calm room with low lights and fresh air. This time I was very aroused and my yoni was lubricated and very much wanting to be penetrated. So I massages my breasts and slowly my lower abdomen and womb. I massaged my yoni, and I wasn’t focusing on orgasm, however as I was so relaxed and aroused I continued to massage and then I penetrated my yoni, and kept getting deeper and deeper, and I was laying on my back. I continued to massage my yoni and clit, and then I just kept slowly and then faster in and out of my yoni, and sure enough I started to orgasm, and I could not believe it was happening as it has never happened to me before, and it was such a different feeling. It was so beautiful and made me feel soo relaxed and happy afterwards!" 

Sydney, Alberta 
"The Rose Quartz Pleasure Wand is beautiful! It helped me come into true communication with my yoni. It's so interesting, I find that in knowing where the Rose Quartz comes from (the earth) I am automatically able to be present with my body more. Whereas vibrators are used to GET an orgasm from my body, the Pleasure Wand is used to BE with my yoni." 

Sarah, Massachusetts 
"I love using my Slim Rose Quartz Pleasure Wand. It’s so much fun, and truly a next level experience for me as my first ever self pleasure aid. It’s also just pretty to look at! But the weight is really nice, and I’ve enjoyed exploring both ends of the wand for different sensations. If you’re on the fence, especially about the price, you won’t regret this purchase. Thanks Courtney for your high quality products we can trust." 

Ashley, Calgary 
"I’ve integrated the Rose Quartz Pleasure Wand into my self-pleasure practice for almost a month now. Having this crystal present has been incredibly powerful in setting the tone for such a sacred ritual. It’s weight creates a lovely pressure that signals my pelvic muscles to let go. As someone with a history of pelvic floor tension, I have noticed that this has allowed me to soften, surrender and receive much more deeply. I am grateful to say that I feel more profound sensation and pleasure in my pussy than I ever thought possible!"