Meet Courtney


WAANDS™ was founded at the end of 2020 with the intention of expanding upon the impact of Courtney's first business, The Empowered Woman. The WAANDS™ vision is based upon offering the same high quality Crystal Pleasure Products found in The Empowered Woman shop through a luxury brand that is more inclusive & accessible to all.

WAANDS™ Founder Courtney Davis


From a young age, I had a longing to experience the full expression & enjoyment of my sexuality. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been drawn to celebrations of sexuality, especially through dance!


Sex has always felt innately spiritual & meaningful to me. This feeling led me to consciously pursue my own sexual empowerment & awakening as early as my teenage years.


I first explored this through promiscuity, pursuing my pleasure without remorse, & being “that friend” who proudly bought all my girlfriends their first vibrator.


I went on to spend years exploring in the fields of sacred sexuality, personal development, holistic health, and spirituality - meanwhile completing a Psychology Degree and a Masters Degree in Coaching.


I first began sharing my journey & insights by hosting Women’s Circles, blogging, and coaching at the start of 2015.


During those initial years, I placed strong emphasis on exploring self-pleasure, especially with the Crystal Pleasure Products that we now offer in the shop today.


Crystal Pleasure Wands to me, have always symbolized sexual celebration and acted as a permission slip…


Permission to enjoy & express my sexuality to the fullest extent. To be seen & valued for what my sexuality brings to this world - by first seeing & valuing it myself.


In early 2018, I expanded my reach through the creation of an online course designed to provide women with a foundation for living an embodied life fuelled by sexual self-connection & pleasure.


This constituted the formal launch of The Empowered Woman platform to expand my mission and support the sexual & spiritual awakening of women world-wide.


Since then, I have been privileged to influence thousands through my writing, teachings, & products - while always continuing to dive deeper into the work myself.


I am excited & honoured to share WAANDS™ with you, and hope that our products offer you the same profound pleasure & transformation that they've provided me.