What is the Dark Feminine?

The feminine. Oh how we love to describe this essence captured in womanhood as a flowery, soft delight…

However, thanks to the universal law of polarity, we are confronted with the truth that “feminine” energy rests on a spectrum.

Meaning the flowery, soft delight, holds in its existence, an opposite.

Let us explore this threshold through an archetypal lens.

As a woman growing up, you may have been told that women are to be kind, agreeable, and modest.

The classic image of the maiden comes to mind. A young bride, dressed in white, a symbol of purity in religious text.

This description for many centuries has been used to define the feminine as its most likable expression.

Leaving every other un-modest expression in the shadows of denial and taboo, hence the “dark” feminine.

So who then is the dark feminine from an archetypal lens?

For me, it is the mother.

The one who has bled.
The one who has birthed.
The one who has shed all need for approval and modesty, in order to access her most primal embodiment.
She is raw, naked, and powerful!
She is fierce, protective, and unapologetic.

Found in many sacred expressions, the dark feminine represents all the parts of you, you were told to hide.

All that brings shame, embarrassment, guilt, or resistance, within society.

Yet her magic remains in the void of most women, throbbing for recognition.

Waiting to be celebrated as the blood, milk and honey that swirls between your hips and manifests desire.

As the magnetic pull that hypnotizes and intoxicates.

As the deliciously forbidden.

The dark feminine is the sacred embodiment of rage, lust, pain, sex, birth, hunger, and everything in between.

Like the Earth, she is dense. Her energy is not found in the light body that reaches ethereally for higher dimensions, but rather a slow spiraling descent into matter.

Imagine the old witch and her cauldron.
The wise women and her wealth.
The bold woman in her power.

People fear her and lust for her all at once for the same reason.

She wields power! Power that transcends ideas of good/bad and reveals TRUTH.

The question is, are you ready to dissolve all illusions of her unworthiness and EMBRACE her?

Only in her FULL expression can the feminine be whole.
Only then, can she be free.

What parts of you are lurking in the shadows?

Written by Megan Bloom
Instagram @bloomingwombs