Self-Pleasure Ritual for Squirting

Have you ever felt like the whole squirting conversation is a little clinical?

Is it possible?
How do I do it?
Is it pee?
How will my partner respond?

I certainly have. And I’ve also felt an immense amount of pressure to experience the truth of “every woman can squirt” sometimes to absolute frustration.

So here’s what I’m proposing…

We put the sexy back in squirting.

What if you stopped trying, stopped worrying, stopped being practical at all, and instead invited the sacred waters of your amrita to the bedroom - like you would invite a lover!

Meet the Nectar Ritual.

Gather your pleasure supplies and read through thoroughly just before your practice.

For this ritual you will need:
- a private space that feels safe
- a candle
- coconut oil, castor oil, or body oil of choice 
- a sensual playlist (instrumentals are great too)
- a Free Bleed™blanket
- optional: a G-Spot Pleasure Wand

Begin with offering yourself a cleansing shower or bath. For the duration, imagine the waters cleansing you of all the energy from the day, leaving you completely renewed. You may imagine this preparation as if you were anticipating an intimate night with your lover. And you are! Only the lover is you!

Next, light a candle and prepare your Free Bleed™ blanket and other materials in a reachable place. You may choose the couch or even prepare a cozy nook on the floor, however I prefer the bed as it is plush, and symbolizes a place of surrender, which you will need!

Once comfortable, begin with your oil of choice massaging your body. Begin with your breasts, staying here for up to 10 minutes. Massaging your breasts in clockwise and counterclockwise directions, begin to tune in and synchronize your breath to your movements. Feel the energy of your heart begin to warm and awaken as your blood becomes active in your body. You may begin to notice your senses coming alive now.

Continue this massage down to your stomach, continuing toward your womb space, pausing here to notice any emotion or message from your body.

Continuing your sacred massage with your loving hands, allow yourself to meet your yoni. Breathe towards your yoni, with total non-attachment, as you stimulate your vulva slowly and with intention. It is here you may need to remind yourself that there is no rush. Be sure to love all parts of your vulva - not just your clitoris! Spend a minimum of ten minutes here before moving towards the inside of your vagina.

As your body increases in blood flow and stimulation, allow the sensations to pulse through you by using sound and movement. 

Feel your breath deepen and lengthen. Relax your jaw, open your mouth, and listen to the sounds that are born of your pleasure song. Watch your hips and breasts rock and sway like waves in the ocean.

After 20-45 minutes, your yoni might very well be engorged and wet like a perfectly ripe fruit beneath your fingers. 
Explore with your middle two fingers or your Pleasure Wand, the rippling pleasurable sensations of your g-spot and TRUST your awareness of your body.

Stay on this spot continuously with different strokes and pressures, with the option to stimulate the clitoris, anus, or other erogenous zones.

Continue moving with your arousal as if it were a living, breathing, current within you. Allow your jaw to remain soft. Your toes open. Your stomach supple. And whisper (moan or even scream) loving words of pleasure and affirmation to your beautiful temple of love. (This toning and freedom of sound will be KEY).

There is no limit. No pressure. No agenda.

Just a sweet opening and meeting of the intoxicating lover before you.

When you feel your body is ready to slow down and descend from its peaks of pleasure, do so naturally, with a slowing of the breath and a hand on both your yoni and your heart.

Notice any thoughts, emotions, energetic or physical sensations that arise.

All is welcome. All is sacred.

Close your ritual with a thank you and an honoring of self with whatever aftercare methods you prefer, be it crawling into bed, eating, dressing, bathing etc.

You may also choose to journal about your experience:
- What did I learn about myself during my nectar ritual?
- What would make me feel more safe, open, or surrendered next time?

Written by Megan Bloom
Instagram @bloomingwombs