Inner Masculine Cultivation (to Support Feminine Blossoming)

The degree to which you are embodied in your feminine, directly mirrors the depth to which you are embodied in your masculine.

This occurrence takes place through the universal law of polarity. The law states that everything in the universe has an opposite.

The conversation around polarity originally resurfaced in reaction to women feeling “too” masculine. Yet in the quest to restore femininity, through energetics NOT gender roles, many women discovered that the deepening of their feminine required a stronger frame of their own inner masculine.

In the same way they desired society or men, for example, to present a stronger masculinity for their feminine to emerge, the same was required of self.

Through this awareness, women have liberated themselves from waiting on external circumstances to change and instead shifted to an expanded state of sovereignty, understanding that the real polarity happens first within.

While the progression of feminine embodiment naturally deepens it’s opposite, it is also possible to reverse engineer the process. Meaning you can actually refine your masculine blueprint, and watch its opposite evolve accordingly.

So how can you cultivate your inner masculine to support the blossoming of your feminine? 
By understanding the energetics of each energy. Here are few ways the feminine + masculine are described. 
The feminine is the river, the masculine the riverbed.
The feminine is energy, the masculine matter.
The feminine is the colors on the walls, the masculine is the house.
The feminine is the dance, the masculine is the dance steps.
The feminine is chaos, the masculine is order.

In this way, you can begin to understand that masculine energy creates structure or a “frame” for the feminine to be wildly expressed within. Below are some concrete examples that can help you start your journey into feminine embodiment.

1. Structure. You may have a hard time softening into the pleasure of the present moment with so many to-do’s on your list. The more order you bring into your life, through delegating, scheduling, and structuring, the more you can actually relax knowing everything is taken care of. Can you plan the weekly meals, schedule the times + days of chores, and find a rhythm that feels good to you? You may need to be flexible to find the right one, as women are cyclical beings - your needs change based on your hormonal cycle.

2. Clarity. You may struggle to open, when you’re protecting too many “unknowns.” Quite literally your energy is leaving your body to the land of possibilities. The more you can clarify things, the more you can open yourself to new delightful energy. Do you have unfinished conversations, unsent messages, unpaid bills, pending decisions, or unanswered questions? The clarity of the masculine is a true gift that brings you from the future/past, to the present.

3. Presence. Where are you? It can be so easy to get in the habit of overthinking. Your ancestors had to worry about the many needs of a growing seed. In modern day you may have to worry about the needs of a baby. However the gift of the hunter’s focus, will allow you to inhabit your body instead of your mind. Become present in your experience. What sensations do you feel in your body? How does your heart feel? What do you desire in this moment? Where are you feeling tension or pleasure?

4. Provision. If you’ve ever wished a man would buy you flowers, draw you a bath, take you out to a nice restaurant, make love to you slowly, fix your broken shelf, tell you you’re doing a good job, or schedule you a massage…then you know the pleasure that happens in being provided for. Where can you offer yourself provision? Hire a babysitter. Buy the flowers. Set the ambiance and bathe. You are worthy of your own love too!

5. Discipline. Too much of anything can be overkill, even the feminine delights of rest and pleasure. Sometimes integrity and a feeling of accomplishment is the medicine for feeling confident in relaxation. Where can you strengthen your integrity + discipline? How would you feel if you started that workout program, finished that painting you started, or followed through on the creative idea that once excited you so much? You know what needs to be done for you to feel proud and worthy of celebration.

As you move further into this work, you will see that every moment can be enhanced with this awareness, offering yourself the true gift of inner union.
Through this cultivation of the feminine + masculine, side by side, you will receive a new blueprint of masculinity that will inevitably enhance the way you “support” the blossoming of all feminine.
In a moment, in an experience, in a person. Watch as the world becomes more feminine, more beautiful, more alive, in your presence…including you.

Written by Megan Bloom
Instagram @bloomingwombs