Incorporating Self-Pleasure into your Day

For most people, day to day life is busy, hectic, and full of things to do. In an attempt to slow down and focus on the little things in life, there exists an invitation to tune in to the big and small moments of pleasure in your day.

This can be as simple as a deep breath while holding a warm cup of coffee in both hands, or maybe it is a bigger time commitment where you honour and tune in to your desires during a self-pleasure session.

There are many moments throughout the day which, when we are not present, simply feel like another task or chore. However, with a breath, mindfulness, and connection to oneself, these moments can become a pleasurable reprieve from routine.

Throughout the day, begin to recognize moments that you can bring awareness to your body.

Can you take a breath and slow down while putting body oil on after a shower? Can you do this with the intention to feel and honour your body? Now is your chance to tune in. What feels good? Where is sensitive, sore, or needing some love?

We can also bring pleasurable presence to the food we eat throughout the day. Through slowness, intention, & making choices that bring delight in addition to nourishment, eating can become its own form of self-pleasure.

This means being present with our food, looking at our plates instead of our phones, and savouring each bite.

On the other hand, maybe an act of self-pleasure isn't always about action… maybe it is about doing nothing. The undoing of the "shoulds" and "coulds" that we place on ourselves.

Instead of succumbing to obligations, can you attune to present-moment sensation and listen to the actions life is calling you to take?

While self-pleasure can be overt by carving out time for nourishing self-touch & self-given orgasms - how can you reframe your life such that pleasure is incorporated into each moment, allowing daily life to become enriched by your presence?

Written by Casey Morris
Instagram @this.mountainlife