How to Experience G-Spot Orgasms on Your Own

G-spot orgasm. The big wet O. 

Some women never dream to experience her. Some women chase her. But why the distance?

The G-spot orgasm that results in a wet and wild release of female ejaculatory fluid, known in more sacred terms as Amrita, is one that requires the ultimate surrender.

The intelligence of a woman’s body is unlike any other. The cervix will not open if we feel emotionally closed and fearful. The urethra will not open when we feel clenched and anxious. The rectum will not open when we feel tight and exposed.

This is animal law: To protect the mouth and the pussy.

So what can we learn from the woman who wants to give birth but just can’t? Or the woman who is expecting her period but just won’t bleed?

The answer: The body, be it birthing or excreting, requires SAFETY.

And not the kind of safety in the form of external assurance that says “it will be ok.” Rather, the kind of deep safety that would allow you to be comfortable while naked and blindfolded without a care in the world.

While a woman may think she feels safe enough to squirt, there are many subconscious fears that can keep her body from fully relaxing and opening.

Here are a few common uncertainties:

 How will I know? What will it feel like?

Is amrita pee? Will it have an odor?

How much will come out? With what pressure?

What will my partner think?

Will it make a mess?

The best way to answer these questions is not through research, but through experience!

In fact, a large amount of women are not able to access this type of orgasm until they experience it alone - making solitude a wonderful place to start.

Alone, you can be curious! You can play with edge of your orgasm without pressure to perform. You can observe your ejaculatory fluid in totality, smell and taste included. And you can even practice!

The body is a place of many mysteries with its own unique conditions. Below are some ideas around how you can work towards achieving the big O, or how you can experience more of them!

  1. Lock the door, turn up the music, and silence your cellphone. The subconscious mind has a way of wandering to the land of possibilities, so you’ll likely find that surrender becomes easier in the safety of completely privacy. 
  1. Lay down a towel. If you’re worried about getting wet, you’re not gonna be able to get wet! A Free Bleed™ blanket is great for this, so you don’t have to worry about making a mess and can focus on pleasure instead.
  1. WARM UP. It take the vagina 20-40 minutes to become fully aroused. After that, the g-spot is more engorged, easier to locate, more sensitive, and more pleasurable! Plus you’ll have much more natural lubrication to work with.
  1. Try different positions. Perhaps use a Pleasure Wand that can help you reach those tricky angles, or try squatting while curling your fingers. Don’t be afraid to try new things.
  1. Relax! You cannot force the body to open. Meaning, while you might be very active in the movements required to achieve this type of orgasm, you also need to feel relaxed enough to receive. If you find your legs, feet, shoulders, or jaws clenched, BREATHE.
  1. Speaking of the jaw, the pussy is known to open in harmony with the throat, making those delicious moans very valuable. It can even be helpful to engage in self-talk by speaking aloud affirmations that promote safety, ease, & permission. For example: "It is safe for me to receive.”
  1. Open your heart. Allow judgement, anxiety, shame, or pressure to fall away. It’s possible your vagina has built some armor as your heart has navigated cycles of grief in this lifetime, causing some numbness or pain. If necessary, allow your yoni to soften and become re-sensitized slowly (yoni massage can be helpful for this), and stay present with the emotions that arise along the way.

The Amrita orgasm is famous for a reason; having been documented and revered in the histories of cultures across the world.

If you’re still stuck on the question “but what is it?” - rest knowing this...

Amrita is something that flows from the most beautiful, powerful, life generating part of your body, that is birthed solely from incredible heights of pleasure, only when your heart and body are the most opened and surrendered.

Does anything else matter?

Your blood is sacred. Your birth waters are sacred. Your nectar is sacred. Your body is sacred. Because YOU are sacred.

Orgasms are best not considered a goal, but a journey.

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Written by Megan Bloom
Instagram @bloomingwombs