How to Give Yourself a Yoni Massage

Yoni massage is the missing piece to every woman’s perfect pleasure practice. Whether you are happily coupled or dancing solo, whether you are ovulating or bleeding - yoni massage is the perfect place to begin listening to and connecting with your womb.

Why is yoni massage so life changing? Because you get to touch, breathe, and move slowly with your womb, letting her voice guide your every finger. She gets to be in charge and move at her own pace, and you get a chance to hear what she really likes.

Yoni massage is an avenue through which you can learn how to listen to your body, so that she can guide you into new depths of pleasure and healing. This capacity to listen translates to enhanced connection to the body's intuition and guidance.


Setting the Scene

To begin, set your space up so it feels warm, cozy, and sensual. Setting an intentional atmosphere with candles, emotive music and decadent aromas will invite your body and nervous system to settle down, relax, and open. You can turn up the heat, or wear something that keeps your upper body and arms snuggled up while exposing your belly, womb and thighs.

Place the palms of your hands over your womb or you can softly cup your yoni with one hand and bring the other hand to your heart. Drop into a state of devotion, breathe deeply into your lower belly for a few cycles, and connect with your flower.

You can let her know you wish to offer her love and connection, and you would be so honoured if she would be your guide. Receive her “yes" fully before moving on.


External Massage

Using a fave organic oil like Pussy Butter™ or cold-pressed organic castor oil to rehydrate dry vaginal tissues, begin to generously apply it to your belly and womb, allowing your hands to move in slow, fluid circles as you distribute the oil. You can move your fingertips in small circles starting just below the belly button, expanding outwards until you reach your ovaries and hip bones.

Using breath and awareness, allow your hands to work intuitively over the tissue, bringing sensation and aliveness to the muscles and tissues of your pelvic bowl. You may wish to add more oil and extend this lush massage to touch your inner thighs and vulva.

As you move towards the vulva, you can slide your fingertips through her folds, keeping medium to firm pressure. Invite long strokes that move from the bottom of your vaginal opening (near the anus) up towards the clitoris and back down again.

Allow yourself to work gently but deeply within the tissues to relax and release, and begin to gently stretch any scar tissue around the vaginal canal. (If you have given birth and experienced a tear or had an episiotomy, you will most likely feel the scar tissue as tightness near your anus, breathe deeply here and move slow as you stretch the scar tissue open with your fingertips.)

You may wish to move around your labia and clitoris in a clockwise or counterclockwise motion, using the thumbs to gently but firmly stretch out each fold of the labia and the hooded skin above the clitoris. 

If deeper areas of tension come up, soften and stay with the sensation while breathing deep. Massaging the yoni can bring a lot of stuck energy in the tissues up to be released; because of this sometimes we will momentarily feel an unpleasant sensation. This is the body expressing itself as it moves the stuck emotion up and out.


Entering your Yoni

When your yoni invites you to enter, do so with the utmost care and gratitude. Utilizing more oil, allow your fingertips to scan the vaginal opening as they move inside; finding every place of numbness or tingling and every single piece of scar tissue.

If you come across a place of numbness or discomfort, keep applying gentle but firm pressure and continuing to breathe. Let the scars show you how they want to be tended. Let your body know she is safe, and continue to move on only when she has been fully held to move through the release in her own time.

Sometimes, an open mouthed audible exhale is all your body needs to move it through -  sounding while you massage is incredibly powerful.

You can play with different hand positions to give you different styles of massage, some soft and therapeutic, and some that get into the deeper tissues and knotted emotions being held in the womb. 

Keep checking in with your womb, letting her guide and also honouring when she asks you to slow down or stop.

You can bend your pointer finger and use the knuckle to draw small circles along the vaginal canal for deeper pressure.

Let your fingertips come to your cervix and circle her face (which feels like the tip of a nose at the end of your vaginal canal.) Touching our cervix is a very sacred act, so breathe deeply and allow her to reveal herself to you in a way you haven’t experienced before.


Going Deeper with a Pleasure Wand

As you move deeper into the vaginal canal, you may wish to use a pleasure wand for the harder to reach places, or a cervical de-armouring wand if you wish to work with the cervix and creating space. (The Cervix Wand™ is our best-selling wand that has been designed specifically for yoni massage). 

Your womb will be nice and relaxed right now, so when you insert a wand please make sure it is warm to not shock your womb (you can run it under warm water or snug it up against your body until it reaches the desired temperature).

Use a generous amount of oil and let yourself be intuitively guided as you move up and down or from side to side. Get curious with the different shapes and textures of the wand, change up the positioning from your normal go-to and let the intimate experience of yoni massage move you into states of surrender and bliss you’ve never tasted.

If you begin to de-armour the cervix, go slowly and let her voice be your guide. Cervix can hold onto some really dark emotions for us, so when you work with her in this way, be curious while also soft and surrendered. She will always show you how deep she is willing to go on any particular day.


Close with Gratitude

One you feel complete with touching, massaging, and connecting with all the delicious places in your womb, lay your hands over her and move through a few luscious cycles of breath on your own, feeling her gratitude and contentment flowing all throughout you.

Feel how deeply relaxed and honoured she feels, and how her inner pulse of radiance can be felt shining through every pore of your being. Thank her for spending this sacred time together, and listen for her to share if she feels complete with this quality of touch, or she might call your hands back for more.

Not only is yoni massage an incredible experience solo, if you share this practice with a beloved, it is an exceptional way to connect with feel-good foreplay that honours and respects the womb, no matter where in her cycle she is. 

This is a great practice to soothe cramps and uncomfortable sensations that come with bleeding, or to soften and relax the womb during ovulation. This is also an amazing way to connect with your womb and foster trust, which is the perfect companion for pregnancy or those nearing the birth portal.

Written by Autumn Rose
Instagram @embodyjaguar