How My Yoni Communicates With Me

My yoni speaks to me. 

It can be hard to grasp concepts like “follow your womb” or “ask your yoni.”

The mind wants to process things in a linear way.

But when we’re talking about a woman’s pelvic bowl, we’re speaking through a feminine lens.

A lens that asks you to feel rather than think.

My yoni communicates with me in many ways when something isn’t right.

Physically - She throbs when I’ve not rested. She goes numb when I force pleasure onto her. She gets infected when boundaries are crossed. Etc.

This is a language I recognize in clients all over the world.

But more often than not, my yoni communicates to me in subtleties. Like an essence, she communicates through an internal knowing I cannot describe with words. More likely a story to be told through dance. 

Your first memory of this guiding inner force may have been an intuitive thought you did or didn’t listen to.

Or maybe giving birth and developing a “mother’s instinct.”

Both illustrate the highly nuanced, often subtle feeling that lives within a woman. A heart-pussy connection that speaks through a woman’s body, guiding her on the most aligned path.

For most, the process of strengthening this inner voice is a process of clearing the many layers of protection that have been acquired through life.

Imagine your womb center, as a conscious place in your body that holds memory.

Each time you disregarded her, a layer of armor built around her. Each passing year you neglected her as a product of your culture, she weakened. Each time you felt shame, embarrassment, or resentment towards her, she quieted.

Like rebuilding the confidence of your inner child, our womb centers, pussies included, require us to lean in, validate, and appreciate.

With time and trust, this place becomes an inner compass we can depend on like no one else.

Below are some simple steps to cultivate this relationship to the power within.

1) Cycle awareness 

Begin by tracking the due dates of your period. Notice the quality of your blood and how the duration of your period changes each month, physically, emotionally, spiritually. From there you can cultivate awareness around your ovulation, luteal phase, and follicular phase. What does it feel like to align your life within this structure, the same way we honor Mother Earth and her seasons? How can you grow acceptance and even love for the many expressions (appearances, smells, liquids) of your yoni? 

2) Embodied connection

Even when you consciously stop to place your hands on your yoni and feel into her guidance, the pressures of day to day living may be blocking you from receiving her wisdom. In order to truly listen, we have to be in an open, receptive state. Try taking 5-10 deep breaths beforehand. Focus on the sensations of your body and relax your whole being until your mind has slowed and your thoughts are empty. Then proceed to ask your yoni for her wisdom.

3) Appreciation

Take a few moments or even a page in your journal to discover all the times your yoni/womb has been right. Validate each time in your life, regardless of the outcome. Try to remember the subtlety of the feeling and what it felt like. You nay wish to thank your body for this guidance and make an intention to listen more often.

4) Yoni de-armouring

The yoni itself holds stress and tension the way any part of our body does. Over time, these places of tension become stored in the muscles and tissues and develop their own habits. This is often characterized by either pain or numbness. When was the last time you explored your yoni for reasons other than pleasure? Using your hands or a yoni wand, gently explore your body with the intention to restore vitality. Through breath, sound, intentionality, and acceptance, you will begin to re-sensitize your yoni and feel stress or mis-alignment communicated to you in a new way.

Let curiosity lead the way and your heart-womb-pussy connection will guide you to all your heart desires.

Written by Megan Bloom
Instagram @bloomingwombs