How do I know when it's time to work with a NEW Pleasure Wand?

The thing about Crystal Pleasure Wands, is they are ALL so unique and different from one another. Each stone has its own properties, and each shape is designed for different kinds of practices. Therefore, it makes sense that various wands are attractive to us at different stages of our journey, based on what it is that we are currently navigating or awakening in our sexuality.

Personally, I have a collection of wands and each one offers something different to my self-pleasure practice. When I start to feel more drawn to a Pleasure Wand that I don’t already own, I take note because that attraction is showing me something new that a wand has to offer to me.

I will then take some time to explore the new energy I am picking up from the particular wand that draws my attention, what my intention is with moving towards working with that new tool, and then I will wait until I feel the full YES from my body to know when to act on claiming that new wand.

As an example, I recently felt a new attraction towards the Indian Jade Amrita Wand™, and from afar I could already feel how different it was physically and energetically from all the other wands I own. However, when I initially asked myself if I was ready to buy it at that time, I felt a contraction inside of myself, so I chose to wait. About 2 weeks later, the attraction was still there, but it was accompanied by a sensation of opening and excitement, as if I was already holding the wand in my hands and I LOVED the feeling of it. This is how I knew I had come to feel a full “yes” from my body that I was ready to purchase that wand and begin working with it.

Now my new Indian Jade Amrita Wand™ is beside my bed and I am even more aware of how different it feels from all the other wands in my collection. Like anything that is new, it will take time to develop my relationship with it and experience all the gifts that working with it will bring me, yet I already know that the journey I go through with this wand will be so very different from each of the journeys I’ve gone through with all of my other wands so far. ♡

Whether you are buying a Pleasure Wand for the first time, or you already have one, two, or a few, the answer is simply: You will just know when it is time for a new one! You will FEEL it. Trust your body.