An Introduction to Yoni Eggs & Yoni Wands

In times past, women have not been encouraged to explore their sexuality. If we spoke of sex or pleasure, we were often seen as crass, sinful, or slutty. Some even went as far as to label us whores simply for desiring pleasurable sex. Those days are gone, and women are reclaiming their sexuality and their body. Two products that many women are investing in to explore & connect to their sensuality is a yoni egg and yoni wand. 

What is a Yoni egg used for?

Yoni eggs are smooth egg-shaped stones (typically made of crystals) that are inserted into the vagina. Using one promotes connection with one’s sensuality, femininity, fertility, and inner healing potential. The word ‘yoni’ is a Sanskrit word that means sacred space, source or womb. The practice of using a yoni egg isn’t new, but as more women begin to explore and take charge of their sexual wellbeing, the more this once-secret practice has become popular. 

Benefits of using yoni eggs

If you desire to support balance and vibrancy when it comes to your own feminine health and wellness, using a yoni egg can help. It has been used to support the balance of the menstrual cycle, urinary and digestive health, soothing menstrual cramps, enhancing fertility, strengthening vaginal muscles, and also increasing libido and orgasmic potential.

Are yoni eggs safe?

The short answer is yes. However, just like any tool or product that you’re inserting into your vagina, there are measures to take to avoid injury or unpleasant reactions. 

  1. Hygiene - Keep your eggs clean and wash your hands each time before inserting and removing them. It’s important to remember that the yoni egg is still a foreign object that is being inserted into the vagina. Proper hygiene is important to prevent bacteria and infections from occurring. 
  2. Start off slow - There is no need to rush insertion or progress. Taking the time to listen to your body and her level of readiness to receive the egg internally. This is key for fostering trust, openness, and safety within yourself, which are all essential to accessing deep healing. 
  3. Lubrication as an indication of readiness - Engaging in whole-body self-massage can support your body’s arousal and thus natural vaginal lubrication, which is an indication of readiness to be penetrated or to insert the yoni egg. Alternatively, any organic body-safe oil can be utilized with the egg, such as coconut oil or Pussy Butter™. 
  4. Use for short periods - Despite the excitement you feel about getting started, experiencing the healing benefits, and enjoying the practice, less is more when it comes to internal pelvic practices. The goal is not to utterly fatigue your pelvic muscles as you may strive to do in the gym. A little physical practice goes a long way in terms of creating significant energetic and emotional shifts in the pelvic region and our embodied relationship to our sexuality as a whole. A 15-minute intentional practice, a few times a week is more than sufficient!
  5. Finally, we do not recommend using your yoni egg during intercourse. Yoni eggs are hard, solid objects that can cause harm to the pelvic space if they are jammed, pushed, or thrusted into your vaginal walls during penetration.

What is a yoni wand?

Beyond strengthening your pelvic muscles, developing pelvic awareness, easing period cramps, and experiencing enhanced sensation, it is also possible to discover new paths of pleasure amidst healing. A yoni wand is designed for this.

A yoni wand is an internal pelvic massage tool that is designed for healing pussy pain, numbness, and awakening even more pleasure. It is ideal for those who want to explore their own body more deeply, and of course, for self-pleasure!

Depending on the length, curvature and overall design, your yoni wand can serve multiple purposes ranging from g-spot stimulation, deep tissue internal massage, cervical awakening, and so on. Some wands are more specialized than others - the Cervix Wand™ is an example of a lightweight versatile yoni wand that can be used for yoni massage, healing pelvic pain, self-pleasure, cervical pleasure, g-spot orgasm, and more.

The journey of exploration with a yoni egg or yoni wand is a personal and rewarding one. If you are ready to take the plunge and discover sensual healing and deeper pleasure for yourself, browse our collection of yoni eggs and wands here.