Will Using a Yoni Egg Make my Vagina Tighter?

Contrary to the narrative many of us have learned in our society, a tight pussy is not necessarily a good sign!

Internal tightness can be the body's way of telling us that we are not currently ready to receive penetration. This could be for any number of reasons such as feeling anxious, stressed, mistrustful, unsafe, or still carrying the trauma of past experiences… but it all boils down to the fact that the body is not feeling at ease, safe, trusting, and therefore ready to soften and open to receive.

When used with the proper intention, working with a Yoni Egg can help to bring a greater awareness to the inside of your vagina, as well as strengthen and tone your vaginal muscles.

However, the effects and benefits of this practice are dependent on the way that you approach working with this tool.

If you approach your Yoni Egg practice with an energy of “force,” such as forcing yourself to do it everyday, or forcing yourself to practice for longer than you want to, then you may actually be contributing to more tension and tightness in the body (and pelvic floor). This is because any time we are forcing ourselves to do something, there is an element of disconnection from the body and the feminine intelligence that lives within it. Tension in the body & vagina accumulates due to over-stepping that intelligence rather than allowing ourselves to be guided by it.

On the other hand, if you approach your Yoni Egg practice with the intention to enjoy being intimate with yourself, gain a deeper understanding of the inside of your vagina, and to enhance your pelvic strength & awareness, then you are setting the tone for a practice that is going heal, nourish, and enhance your well-being.

Through consistent practice with your Yoni Egg, the tension in the pelvic floor can relax and release (which can be a major cause of pussy pain or vaginismus), you can deepen your awareness of the inside your vagina, and your vaginal muscles will become much stronger and easier to engage. This means that instead of being tight due to stress, trauma, or a lack of safety, you will be able to choose when you are "tight" by making the choice to engage your vaginal muscles.

Another great tool to use when working through pelvic tension, stress, and emotional blockages at a somatic level, is The Cervix Wand™, which is our bestselling wand for Yoni Massage and De-armouring.

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Most commonly, the Medium Nephrite Jade Yoni Egg is recommended for beginners. However you can also read our Yoni Egg Guide or contact us for help selecting your first yoni egg.