The Difference Between Vibrators and Crystal Wands

Usually use a vibrator? Here is how a Crystal Pleasure Wand is different...
About two years ago I came, no pun intended, from the world of bright pink, battery operated vibrators. I spent many years using these artificial tools designed to catch our eye and supposedly take our breath away. They were easy, seemed like what one "should" use, and seemingly got the job done… at least until I was brave enough to start exploring other options that took me on a journey back to my body and my pleasure.
My teenage journey through self-pleasure began with self-exploration with my own fingers, and an adjustable shower head when the opportunity presented. But eventually I was of age and found enough of a smidge of confidence to enter an "adult" store and buy a vibrator. 
Actually, I think a guy bought my first vibrator for me - I didn't even pick out something I thought I would like. It was just assumed I would like it.
And yup, vibrators do the job. If that's all you are looking for. To get a job done. Which is fine. I admit, sometimes I am low on time and craving an orgasm - and resort to a vibrator for a quick fix.
But we all deserve more than just quick fixes. The act of self-pleasure, particularly with a Crystal Wand, is one of exploration. And honestly as I write this, I am reminded of how after such consistent Crystal Wand practice, a vibrator does not really do it for me anymore, and instead leaves me feeling disconnected.
The Crystal Wand has brought me back to my body - deepened my connection, enhanced sensation, and allowed me to explore new ways to self-pleasure. 
The orgasms experienced via a vibrator vs. those achieved with a Crystal Wand, are of two different categories.
Let's start with the vibrator. Though there are various speeds and functions available in a typical vibrator, many of us stick with a tried-and-true setting. Not too slow, not too intense. Turn it on and go until you are done. I would rate it a 5-6/10 in terms of orgasm intensity and quality. The job is done, but it is not fantastic. A need gets filled at a surface level.
A Crystal Pleasure Wand however, can be used however I like. Fast, slow, medium. Switching up the tempo without having to "scroll through the settings."
I control depth, tempo and speed. Moment to moment, the wand is moving how and where is most feels good to me. I will admit, it was a bit of a journey to get comfortable with the necessary level of connection to my body, but it sure has been a worthwhile effort. Consistent 8/10 rated orgasms. 
Instead of short, truncated vibrator orgasms, I now have deeper, more intense, longer orgasms. And the lead-up to orgasm helps me to reconnect with my body, relax, and often learn a new skill, technique or "trick" my body can do. I appreciate & enjoy the connection to my body I feel since switching to a primarily Crystal Wand pleasure practice. I no longer feel "numb" during self-pleasure, or like I need to find the next, more intense setting. 
If you usually use a vibrator and have been wondering if there is more to self-pleasure than a steady buzzing and slowly dying batteries, it is time to switch to a Crystal Pleasure Wand practice. With a little time and a willingness to explore, you can reach new orgasmic heights and develop a deeper understanding of and connection to your body.

Written by Casey Morris
Instagram: @this.mountainlife