The Big O: How to Experience G-Spot Orgasms

As empowered women, hungry to keep exploring the wisdom of our bodies, many of us are on a quest for greater pleasure. Perhaps through embodiment practices, tantric sex, or slow exploration with tools like crystal wands, we are moving beyond outdated examples of mainstream porn and into real, embodied pleasure.

Nowadays, the quest for orgasm is greater than ever. And not just an orgasm. ALL the orgasms! A-Spot, G-Spot, clitoral, anal, cervical, breast…the list goes on.

If you’ve already experienced the clitoral orgasm, it’s likely that you are curious or are on your way to the next gateway, the G-Spot, which is known to make a woman gush her sacred waters.

One of the reasons vaginal orgasms are so lovely, is because unlike the clitoris, which becomes very sensitive to touch afterward, the G-Spot can continue to be stimulated, making possible - multiple orgasms!

When it comes to experiencing NEW pathways of pleasure & orgasms, it can be helpful to first educate ourselves. This may include reading articles, watching ethical videos, or investing in a wand. So before learning how to experience a G-Spot orgasm, let’s review a few things…

  1. The G-Spot is located 1-3 inches inside the vaginal canal, on the front wall of the vagina, and feels like soft, spongy tissue (that will become engorged when aroused).
  1. G-Spot orgasms don’t always result in squirting.
  1. When squirting occurs, the ejaculatory fluid is released through the urethra, but it is not pee.
  1. Because of the location, when G-Spot orgasm or squirting is about to occur, it can resemble a feeling of needing to pee.
  1. Every body is different, so results will vary.

Foreplay: The first way to reach elevated states of pleasure is to go slow and listen. Our bodies are intuitive and hold emotions & information for us. Additionally, our bodies function within cycles and rhythms that can turn a no into a yes, or vice versa. Are you ovulating? Bleeding? Stressed? Sick? All of these play a role in your pleasure journey. 

Take note of how you're feeling and navigate pleasure with nurturance.

The Container: G-Spot orgasms require a deep surrender and letting go. Meaning, if you’re worried about quieting your moans, whether or not the door is locked, or if the sheets will get wet, your mind is going to keep you out of your body. In fact the louder and more expressive you become, likely the better it will feel. An orgasmic woman is a wild woman!

Lock the door, light the candles, + turn up the music.

Elevated pleasure requires a building of energy that peaks at high intensity. It’s important to allow your body to become fully aroused before targeting your G spot. This can start with a body or breast massage, vulva massage, and/or clitoral stimulation, followed by slow increasing penetration.

Take the time to become turned ON.

Technique matters. As stated above, with the engorgement of the vaginal tissues, the G-Spot too will become larger and easier to stimulate. Typical thrusting seldom offers the curvature and direct stimulation that is required for this type of orgasm. The most successful techniques involve a “come hither” motion, pulling from the back of the vagina towards the entrance with varied speed + pressure. This works well with direct “hugging” contact to the clitoris. If you achieve the orgasm, this pulling motion can be continued immediately to lengthen the orgasm and returned to frequently to induce another. The right position will be your best friend.

Be direct, build speed/pressure + don’t forget the clitoris. 

Lastly, let’s discuss potential resistance. When you find yourself at the peak of your arousal, wanting so badly to feel that deep blissful orgasmic release,  your mind may come online. Perhaps you’ll feel utterly exhausted, grasping for the outcome. Perhaps you’ll feel defeated, whimpering for relief. Perhaps you’ll be desperate, white knuckling it.

The first time I had a G-Spot orgasm, I ended up crying just before, wavering between “I can do this” and “I give up.” This is where surrender comes in… 

Like any manifestation, when we can settle into the trust between “it’s happening” and “it’s ok if it doesn’t,” we become the receiver. As we work with vaginal tissues, they become more awake and responsive to our touch, so know that each practice session may bring you closer.

Pleasure can’t be forced. So lean back + let go.

One of my favourite messages going around the internet right now is this: Yes we are empowered, yes we deserve pleasure, yes we can achieve it all on our own. AND it does not define you. If you are not having epic orgasms, you are not broken. Sex with others and ourselves is a beautiful journey of exploration and every path is unique.

What can you discover about yourself?

Written by Megan Bloom
Instagram: @bloomingwombs