The Art of Seduction

Seduction-to seduce, tempt, attract, charm, entice, allure.

When you think of seduction, you probably think of the famous femme fatale archetype; a woman seducing a man, usually, into a dangerous situation.

But seduction isn’t all bad, and it isn’t all done by women. In fact seduction is something we actually do day to day, from the time we are young.

A little girl bats her eyelashes as she pleads to take home the puppy. A teen grins mischievously at their friend, assuring them it’s just one drink. A man wears his best suit and holds the gaze of a woman at a bar. The real estate agent confidently prances around the overpriced home.

Seduction is at its best, a form of manipulation. Using control or artful play to reap the advantage of a person or situation. If you’ve dressed up for an interview, you are familiar with this tactic. 

All that to say seduction is nor good or bad, it is neutral. It is a force that can work both consciously and unconsciously.

Specifically talking about sexual seduction, as powerful as we women would like to believe we are, the act becomes neutralized when we realize that people are sovereign in their choice to be charmed! We are not casting spells on these men! (or are we?)

The actual shadows of seduction are not hidden its ability to persuade another human being, but instead in the intention behind it, and the responsibility of wielding such power.

This idea of power comes from the understanding that sex, is by nature, a strong force, as is money, and must be respected as such.

A woman’s sexual seduction is actually a byproduct of the circulation of sexual life force through her being. This by nature is MAGNETIC, meaning it pulls energy inward.
The heart of seduction is the awareness that the most inward point of a woman’s sexual life force energy is infinite. This, paired with the artful strategy of guiding one’s “audience” through this threshold, maximizes its overall impact.

In simpler terms, when a woman becomes aware of her magnetism, and how to strategically strengthen and exhibit that frequency, she becomes the seductress. Inviting her viewer into her field.
But why?

A woman in her seductress energy must defend the purity of this primordial archetype by owning the responsibility of it. 
Is she seeking to test the integrity of those around her? 
Is she seeking to get something?
Is she seeking to destroy something?
Is she seeking attention? 
Is she seeking to feel something?

Like money, it is not money that is bad, but how it is used. In this way, a woman must understand that she must use her seduction in a way that honors her heart + values.

So, what  is the quality of your seductress’s heart? How can you let her be wildly expressed and protect her sanctity? What do her boundaries look like? Who is her unique archetype and how does she play with the world around her?

These questions will determine both the quality and flavor of your seductress.

Her infinite range is the forbidden fruit that remains woven in the mysteries of womanhood, forever a juicy temptation.

Written by Megan Bloom
Instagram @bloomingwombs