Self-Pleasure for Inner Child Healing

Our inner child holds the key to unlocking some of the most powerful, healing experiences of our lives.  They live within us and hold the energetic imprints of everything that has ever happened to us in our childhood - how we were spoken to, how we were touched, how we were supported, loved and nurtured, and of course, all the times in which we were not.
Thus, the inner child holds the original coding of all of our gifts and magic AND all of our early trauma.
As women, we know that our wombs hold the totality of our life experiences within her - she remembers every delicious sensation and every horrific one. She holds it all, and she is the place that calls us when it’s time to face ourselves and get to work with our own healing.
Just like kids, our inner child will sometimes act out to get our attention. When we get needy, whiny and start to throw tantrums, this is our inner child communicating with us that they need some support and love.
And what better of a place to meet them than our wombs?
Both our inner child and womb require a safe and comfortable space to relax, release and begin to open up. We can create this safe and loving container for ourselves to go in and explore with our inner child where we can step into our supportive, nourishing motherly energy:
1. Firstly, set up a space that is warm and inviting to your inner child. You can create a playlist of old songs that you used to love, bring in scents and colours that remind you of your childhood, and anything else you intuitively feel would help you connect to this precious part of yourself. You can have candles, soft lighting and anything else to assist you in bringing an element of magic, imagination and play.
2. You may wish to begin by sharing an intention or prayer out loud, calling to your inner child and asking to connect. Spend a few moments here just being receptive to see who shows up, you might see yourself at a certain age, or just feel a younger presence come into the space. You can hold out your hands and invite them to take them, or wrap your arms around yourself and just feel your own love as you gently rock your hips. Allow yourself to feel the sweet, loving mother energy within you begin to fill you and the room around you. Once you feel connected, you can lay down and get cozy.
3. With your fingertips, you can start to playfully let them guide you all over your body, making sure to stop where you feel the need and really allow yourself to sink into the sensations on your skin. With your favourite organic oil, you may wish to massage your heart, breasts, belly and womb. Move softly, slowly and sweetly here, giving all the attention and love to every single part of your body that asks for it. Stay connected to your inner child with your awareness and breath, and as you soften and relax, invite them to do the same.
4. You may wish to place one hand over your heart and one hand over your yoni and just breathe for a few moments, asking your inner child if there is anything they need right now. You may start to feel suppressed emotions and old traumas beginning to rise up. Know that you are safe and supported here, and keeping in rhythm with your breath will help you to move through any sticky emotions with more ease. You may experience feelings surfacing from your heart and womb that feel like shame, guilt, embarrassment, resentment, anger, loneliness, grief, sadness, longing. Allow these emotions to flow up and out, supporting them through tears, shaking, making sounds and moaning, or if you feel rage start to bubble up you can grab a pillow (or not) and let yourself scream until it is fully cleared. 
5. Once you have moved the repressed emotions out of your body, come back to breath, and reconnect with your inner child to see where they are at now that we have created the space to hear them. Do they need anything else to support them? Do they feel safe and relaxed? Do they need to be held or sung to? Allowing your inner child to guide you intuitively towards what is needed in this moment, what they ask for might surprise you and it might not.
6. You can check in with your inner child and womb and ask if they would like to journey through more pleasure together; listen for their yes or no, and honour it fully. They might ask for a nap and a cuddle; trust that what they need is the healing medicine for both of you. Do not push past their boundaries here; let the inner child be the guide.
7. If your inner child and womb are guiding you towards pleasure, enter into your womb with tenderness and softness. Really allow yourself to sink into the sensations of pleasure, letting lightness and playfulness radiate all throughout you. Spend time tending to places of discomfort or numbness with the utmost attention and motherly care, only moving through each experience at the pace of your body. If you are guided towards orgasm, you can visualize and feel this bliss washing over you and your inner child, sending pure, fresh and loving energy to your childhood self when she needed it most. Visualize her bathed in the warmest, golden light that fills her and heals her on all levels.
8. When you are complete with your inner child ceremony, snuggle up with all the pillows and blankets you possibly can and give yourself the biggest hug. Kiss your shoulders and feel the deep love between you and your inner child, and how you are both lit up from the inside out from this sacred experience of connection. Whisper to them how much you love them, how proud of them you are, and that you will always be here for them no matter what.
When we have the courage to turn our hearts towards our inner children, they will always turn towards us.
Creating a safe and loving relationship with our inner child has the ability to heal us on a level we cannot even comprehend.
When our inner child feels seen, heard and loved, it unlocks something in our outer lives. All of a sudden we notice we are less needy and clingy in our relationships, we stop complaining and trying to control everything, and we start to move through life satisfied, alive, and full of this newfound play. 
When the inner child is nourished, so are we. Our child selves were the first parts of us to taste the world of pleasure and sensation - sun on our skin, our toes in the sand, the delight found in licking an ice cream cone.
May we have the courage to face ourselves and meet our inner child in the original place that was most healing for us and made us feel alive - the moments of life steeped deeply in pleasure.


Written by Autumn Rose
Instagram @embodyjaguar