Navigating your Pelvic Bowl: Intuition Over Logic

If you’re like most women, learning about the inner workings of your genitals and reproductive system has been both empowering and confusing.

With many differing ailments often manifesting through similar symptoms, sometimes it’s downright impossible to self-diagnose and figure out which approach is most appropriate.
If you’ve ever gone to the gynecologist, it’s likely you’ve been given a handful of possible answers to your questions and given Band-Aid options of birth control or antibiotics to “fix” your problem.

Needless to say, the pelvic bowl is highly nuanced.

Which is why it can be useful to follow intuition over logic...

At age 23, I discovered the fertility awareness method (FAM) and learned about the differences in vaginal discharge and their meanings. At the time, I felt both excited about the new information and angry that it had taken over a decade of womanhood to acquire such knowledge!
As time went on and I devoured more teachings around the blood mysteries, I continued to experience excitement, and never again anger - until I learned about vaginal steaming.
It was here I found myself, yet again, stumped by information I believed I should have never been without.

Since serving vaginal steam clients over the last four years and continuing my education around the female reproductive system through books like “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom,” I have come to observe common patterns in the female body - and how these patterns correlate with issues beyond the physical.

In fact, symptomatic patterns and what they correlate to have become increasingly evidenced in my practice such that I can nowadays (quite easily) guess a woman’s cycle or lifestyle based on just a little bit of information, and sometimes by simply observing her.

I believe that women opening to the possibility that their body is sending them a meaningful message through the symptoms of their womb/yoni is the next level of healing.
From this perspective, healing of the pelvic bowl becomes holistic and indefinitely, transformational.

Below we will observe these highly nuanced imbalances through the lens of 4 herbal blend categories that women seek through my work in vaginal steaming.


This blend is meant for the woman who display signs of stagnation in her cycle, usually having a cycle longer than 28 days, heavy cramps, old blood, and/or infertility. But what I’ve observed in most the women seeking this blend? She has an energetic stagnation as well!

This can express itself as feeling creatively blocked, having a low sex drive, low energy, feeling emotionally numb, frequent feelings of boredom, and so on. In which case, it can appear as if she is lacking life force - believed in Taoism to be generated in the sex chakras.

This woman will benefit from generating Qi in the body and turning up the heat. Not just through nourishing foods and the right herbs for her yoni, but through stoking the inner flame of passion!
Cry, orgasm, create, exercise, create! Get things moving!



This blend is meant for the woman who is experiencing infections in the pelvic bowl. Perhaps she has an unpleasant odour, reoccurring yeast, BV, UTI’s, or herpes breakouts. Maybe she has fibroids or cysts. Or maybe she has an itch or unpleasant discharge here and there.

The energetic theme I notice in this woman? A need for a boundary…literally.
What better way for a woman’s body to create a boundary than to make the portal to her heart completely unwelcoming!
Usually, this woman has either a current or constant person in her life who is creating a literal imbalance for her emotionally. Perhaps a friend, a partner, or even a dynamic, but something that feels unpleasant.

This woman will benefit from getting very clear on what is and isn’t feeling aligned in her life and following through with rightful action. You are worthy!


This blend is sought out by women experiencing uterine fatigue, usually noticed within a cycle that’s 27 days or shorter. Additionally, she may also experience spotting or spontaneous bleeds between menstruation.

When there is a depletion of Qi in the body, there is fatigue all over. This woman may often feel tired, overworked, and undernourished. Why? Because she is physically/emotionally/spiritually fatigued!
Almost always, this is the woman who gives until her cup is empty. She seldom says no, she cares for everyone else first, and she puts off self-care until she’s practically sick. 

This woman will benefit from the balance created through delegating her responsibilities, saying NO, and putting extra energy into herself care. If she has codependent tendencies, she will also benefit greatly from time alone where she can focus on herself.


This blend is sought out by the women who has too much heat in the body. This oversupply of Qi can be characterized by hot flashes, sweating, and dryness in the skin or vagina.
While many times this happens around menopause, and the message feels even more nuanced, imagine dryness in the spirit.
Whether she is a crone or a young woman, she often has simply lost her zest for life!
This may present in an avoidance of her genitals and sex life, as well as an overarching discomfort in the body.
The medicine for this woman is to lean in! Soften, moisten, and lubricate the body through revitalizing the spirit! Take up dancing! Plan a date with your lover! Look in the mirror and adore yourself! Write poetry. The medicine is in the warming of your HEART.
Now, again I will say, this work is highly nuanced, and the message your body is trying to communicate is completely individual to you! I tell my clients and friends alike - your intuition is the best resource when it comes to your body, especially your pussy!
Don’t let modern medicine separate you from the most primordial wisdom on Earth. After all, gynaecology has only been around since the late 1800’s. Before that, our ancestors used intuition and passed down holistic knowledge. 
The more you listen, the more you learn.
How do you interpret the physical happenings over your pelvic bowl beyond the physical?
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Written by Megan Bloom
Instagram @bloomingwombs