How do I know if a SLIM Wand is best for me?

All of our Traditional Pleasure Wands are also available in the Slim Style.⁠⁠

The Slim is wonderful option for when you're feeling called into more gentleness in your self-pleasure practice, ⁠⁠

or if you just generally do not feel as drawn to wands with a wider girth. ⁠⁠

Our WAANDS™ Founder, Courtney, notoriously knew herself to be a "size queen" for many years, preferring only the wider Traditional Pleasure Wands.

However, she eventually felt called to work with a Slim Wand, and found that it offered an entirely new quality of pleasure & self-connection to her wand practice.

There is no rule that bigger is better. ⁠⁠

Often it is when we use LESS physical stimulation, that we can become aware of more subtlety in the body, we open up to even deeper sensations of pleasure, and access sensitivities in ourselves that we'd otherwise be numb to. ⁠⁠

We always guide our customers to follow the felt sensations they receive from of their body & yoni when choosing the wand shape, size, and stone that feels best for them. ⁠

Notice if and when your yoni feels excited, open, and aroused by a certain wand, versus non-responsive or contracted.

Your body & yoni holds a wisdom far wiser than all the reasons your mind could tell you about which wand you should choose ♡