Exploring the Different Orgasms Through an Archetypal Lens

Both men & women have the incredible ability to have not only one, but many different types of orgasm. Each one of them offers us a unique flavour of pleasure, sensation, and essence - and a chance to get to know ourselves and what turns us on more intimately.
Not only are orgasms nourishing for the nervous system and our overall health - exploring orgasm can teach us how to slow down, listen to our body, and play with the sensations of life! 
This article explores the various orgasms that women can experience and the unique qualities of each...
The Clitoral Orgasm is often the first kind of orgasm a woman will experience on her pleasure journey. The tip of the clitoris is the pearl sitting atop the vulva, sometimes covered by a hood. Clitoral orgasm is achieved by applying pressure and repetitive stimulation to the clitoris. Begin soft and slow as the tissues engorge and you become wet and well-lubricated. If the clitoris becomes overstimulated, slow back down and perhaps use more lubrication. A clitoral orgasm can feel like a burst of pleasure and sensation that originates in the clitoris, and spreads out through the rest of the body.
The Maiden Archetype: Soft and sensitive, curious and aroused; she exudes excitement and desires playful sexual connection. The curiosity and innocence of exploring the clitoris/vulva and the sensations that arise with touch initiates our Maiden selves into the world of pleasure. She is the gatekeeper who tends the temple doors (labia & clitoris). In order for the temple doors to open, allowing us to enter into the vagina or yoni further, we must first initiate the Maiden.
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The Vaginal Orgasm typically becomes accessible once we have spent enough time arousing the clitoris and vulva to ensure lubrication of the vaginal canal (which can be anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes depending on the individual). A vaginal orgasm can be reached by inserting a finger, penis, or pleasure wand into the well-lubricated vaginal canal and moving up and down while applying gentle to firm pressure within the vagina/yoni. Once you find the desired pressure and placement, slowly undulate your hips. Stay present with the sensations, and allow them to guide you deeper. A vaginal orgasm is often described as feeling deeper and more intense than a clitoral orgasm. It can feel like n potent sensation that radiates from deep within your tissues, and ripples out through the body like thunder.
The Mother Archetype: Vaginal orgasms take us further into ourselves and ask us to hold more pleasure, sensation, and depth. The Mother is devoted in a way that the Maiden is not; she serves in a way that the younger version of herself would not be able to comprehend, because she lacks the wisdom and experience to hold it. We move into the Mother energy as we expand our capacity to presence ourselves deeper into our pelvis and womb.
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The G-Spot Orgasm is most known for its ability to bring forth the kind of pleasure that is wet and juicy, and can result in “squirting”. This orgasm usually requires pressure and stimulation about two inches up from the vaginal opening on the front of the vaginal wall. The G-Spot feels like a small patch of spongy tissue, and using a “come hither” motion can help you to locate and stimulate it. When the G-Spot becomes excited, it is actually a combination of the vaginal tissues and parts of the clitoris being stimulated. This orgasm is deeper and more intense, like the vaginal orgasm, but has the ability to unlock another layer of “wetness." Squirting requires us to sink into presence, sensation and surrender - which is why the archetype associated to the G-Spot is the Wild Woman.
The Wild Woman: This archetype asks us to release our beliefs about what we think we know. She beckons us deeper inside ourselves to let the societal norms and “good girl” programming fall to the floor. She will make love in the dirt, pleasure herself in the rain, and howl at the top of her lungs when she has an orgasm. She is connected to the earth, resides fully in her animal body, and trusts the primal wisdom of her pleasure. She doesn’t care what she looks like - her power lies in fully feeling her bodily experience.

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The Anal Orgasm can be a deep and delicious experience for both men and women. For men, it can occur through stimulating the G-Spot (AKA prostate or P-Spot), and for women it can occur through stimulating the G-Spot, the A-Spot, and/or the engorged tissues of the clitoris. An anal orgasm occurs when the anus is stimulated, which requires going slow and using lots of lube. The more relaxed the anus, the more pleasure can be experienced. Focusing on gentle touch and pressure with the fingers/tongue is a great way to slowly stimulate the anus and build arousal. Anal orgasms take time, trust, patience, and clear communication - which is why the archetype associated with this orgasm is the Seductress.
The Seductress: This archetype can guide us into states of pleasure that we have never tasted before. The Seductress calls us across the hot coals of taboo cultural norms and into the realm of undying devotion to experiencing earth-shattering states of pleasure. She moves slow - every sensation and touch curated through her unwavering presence. She can take you deeper than you can take yourself, and she can hold you through it all. The Seductress is at home in the unknown; she can show you places you have not touched within yourself. She isn’t afraid to explore further, deeper, and wider than you’ve ever gone before.

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The Cervical Orgasm is known for its power to rebirth us, and women who experience them often feel “changed” after having one. The cervix is located at the top of the vaginal canal - it is round, and is often described as having a texture that resembles the tip of the nose. The cervix loves pressure when you are relaxed and thoroughly aroused, and doesn’t love it when you are not. This means that in order to experience a cervical orgasm, you need to be well-lubricated, well-aroused, and very relaxed in your body and pelvis. Sometimes we cannot reach the cervix with the fingers alone, so deep penetration with a penis or pleasure wand can make intimacy with the cervix more accessible. Going slow and deep is the way to excite the cervix, since we must feel supported and safe to open up to the realm of her orgasms.

The Queen: Cervical orgasm is often referred to as "The Queen of Orgasms". The Queen emanates truth, justice, love and servitude. Her regal energy has the ability to love you through all your unworthiness, back home to the heart. In reflexology, the cervix is connected to the heart. She is also linked to the throat by the vagus nerve. When we experience a cervical orgasm, its power and intensity begin within the cervix and then flood the body, becoming especially activating for the heart. Oftentimes, women will feel orgasmic for days following a cervical orgasm, as there is a noticeable shift in feeling “reborn” in their bodies. The heart is open, soft and wide - the throat speaking truth with more freedom and clarity. The Queen sits tall and powerful in her throne, sovereign and in service to herself and the world at large. Cervical orgasms can call us into this kind of inner power. 

Suggested Wand: To pleasure the cervix, we recommend the Traditional Rose Quartz Pleasure Wand or the Rose Quartz Amrita Wand™ to support a "full" feeling along with the ability to gently stimulate the cervix. Rose Quartz is the crystal most strongly associated with opening the heart, which is also supportive of cervical orgasm. To awaken the cervix to pleasure if you experience your cervix to feel numb or painful, we recommend the Cervix Wand™.

In addition to this list, there are other types of orgasms one can experience including combination orgasms (via stimulating multiple areas at once), the A-Spot (unique yet similar to the G-Spot, located about 4-6 inches back on the front side of the vaginal wall), and erogenous orgasms (full-body pleasure via stimulating the nipples, ears, neck, etc).
As we get to know ourselves more through our pleasure practices and intimate experiences with others, we can learn the ways that we love to receive pleasure. Experiencing an orgasm is deeply satisfying, but remember not to solely focus on achieving them - surrendering to the full experience of self pleasure and lovemaking is what allows these deeper initiations to be experienced.

Written by Autumn Rose 
Instagram: @embodyjaguar