Erotically Nourishing Intentions for the New Year

"Bettering Yourself" is effortless when you NOURISH yourself, first! Amidst the intentions that you may (or may not) have already set for 2022, we wanted to remind you to prioritize sensual self-care & erotic celebration!

This kind of nourishment tends to overflow into all areas of life, providing us with that "inner glow" that simply makes everything else feel more easeful.

Below we've listed some simple intentions that may support you to experience this kind of nourishment in 2022...

1) Engage in a weekly sensual ritual that is designed to relax your nervous system, invite pleasure, & celebrate your sensuality.⁠ Incorporate yummy scents & oils (eg. Pussy Butter™), soft textures, an erotically-inspiring playlist, and use a Pleasure Wand that holds energetic qualities that feel supportive to you. ⁠

2) Practice 5 minutes of self-touch in the mirror each day.⁠ We especially love doing this to a song that evokes erotic movement. ⁠

3) Celebrate your sensual expression each month with a photoshoot, home made video, or another creative piece of art that captures your sensual essence ✨

4) ⁠If you have a lover or partner, design a monthly ritual in which one of you is intended to sensually RECEIVE the entire time. You can set another date/time to reverse roles. It can be equally as nourishing to offer this ritual, as it is to receive it.

(For the female lovers who adore men, check out The Art of Cock Worship)

5) Chose to devote yourself to a specific pleasure practice for an entire month, choosing a new practice to explore for each of the 12 months. This is an incredible way to expand your orgasmic capacity & discover NEW pleasure pathways.

For example, the Yoni Egg Practice, Slow Self-Pleasure with a Crystal Wand, G-Spot Exploration, Self-Yoni Massage, Cervical Awakening, Cock Worship, and so on... (More on each of these over at our sister site, ⁠

We hope you've experienced a sensually nourishing Holiday Season thus far, and that these ideas spark inspiration in you for 2022!