Emotional Blocks to Experiencing Amrita Orgasms

Amrita orgasm (female ejaculation) can be a deeply emotional experience, and often we can encounter emotional blocks along the way.
When first awakening the g-spot, it is common for fear & rage to arise.
And this is why therapeutic practices such as self-yoni massage can be helpful as a starting point to intentionally awaken the pelvic tissue and create space for stored emotions to be released.
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In addition, other reasons why you may not have been able to easefully surrender over the edge into Amrita orgasm include…


Shame or embarrassment about whether the experience you’re having is “normal” or what it’s “supposed” to feel like. 
The solution: 
There’s no “right” way to experience pleasure & orgasm in your body. Give yourself permission to explore and even to have weird experiences!


Fear of loss of control.
In order to surrender to orgasm, our vigilance and awareness of our surroundings must shut off. If we don’t feel safe with our partner or in our environment for any reason, this can inhibit us from letting go.


Trauma or past negative experiences that inhibit receptivity to pleasure & surrender.
The solution: Slowly rebuild safety in the body through boundary awareness and going at a pace that you can feel safe to receive pleasure without fear of violation or experiencing too-much-too-fast.


Lack of trust or emotional safety with your partner.
A lack of communication or sufficient emotional safety can inhibit us from surrendering into the vulnerable experience of Amrita orgasm. In this case, building trust in your intimate connection first & foremost is needed.


Fear of making a mess!
Amrita orgasms can get messy! Knowing you might soak your bedsheets can be enough to hold you back. 
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