Cultivating External Orgasm + Internal Orgasm

When you have an orgasm, have you ever paid attention to what happens in your body? Where the energy rises from and where it goes? Where you go for those seconds of absolute bliss that undulate in between time and space?

You see, there is POWER in absolute surrender - but there is also another layer of power gifted to those who stay present and aware while they journey the river of pleasure and orgasm. 

There are different energetic levels that are available to you through your orgasm, just as there are a variety of orgasms available to your body. Each have specific purposes and healing benefits for the body, mind, heart, womb and soul.

Let’s explore the flavours and nuances of external and internal orgasms...

The Energetics of External Orgasm

External Orgasms use the force of pleasure, bliss and orgasm to flow energy out of the body. The more turned on you are, the wetter you become, right?

With external orgasms, the more you can cultivate the power of your womb and feel the force of her waters like a river, you can then flow that energy out of your body when you climax.

If you softly anchor yourself in the body as you move towards climax (keeping the chin tucked in towards the chest will help you to stay more in the body than in the mind), you can track this orgasmic river as it rises up. 

You can imagine the innate wisdom of the energy of orgasm moving through your body, and guiding your inner waters. If you stay present, you may find you are guided to stay in the womb, or perhaps your waters will rise up into the heart or up to the top of the head.

When you reach climax, you can imagine and experience the river of energy flowing out of this point in your body, and expanding further, wider, deeper into the space around you.

External orgasms offer us purification; they are truly like a baptism of love, inviting us to open up and shine our radiance out into the world. Our orgasm contains within it a primal intelligence that moves energy in our bodies where it is needed to go - all we have to do is surrender to its guidance.

External Orgasms for Healing

If you have pelvic pain, itchiness or dryness in your yoni, you can ask your orgasm to purify and cleanse your womb. 

If you are moving through heartbreak, self worth issues, or fear of taking a leap in life, ask for your heart to be purified and for the ice around it to melt away.

If you are a chronic over-thinker or have trouble making decisions, invite your orgasm to wash your mind clean, to purify your thoughts, and hone your vision.

You may wish to share some intentions out loud with your lover or your body before you drop into the sensations of turn-on.

The Energetics of the Internal Orgasm 

Now, if external orgasms flow out, that means that internal orgasms flow in. 

When our energy is moving out of the body it is a purification and a washing clean, when our energy is flowing into the body, it is cultivating and storing life force.

If external orgasms are the giving, then internal orgasms are where we get to receive from ourselves.

In the same way that you can ask your river of pleasure to guide you to where she wants to go externally, you can ask her to show you the internal pathway.

Internal orgasms build and sustain the energetic life force, replenish tissues, and rejuvenate the body.

Utilizing the Power of Internal Orgasm

As you cultivate your wetness and energetic river, you can imagine building up the force of your orgasm, infusing it with love, sensuality, sovereignty and curiosity.

You can draw your orgasm inwards to infuse your womb with light, power, and love.

If you are pregnant, you can use this technique to send the baby energy, and if you are wishing to conceive you can use this to prepare your womb for the journey.

If your climax brings you into the heart, you can drink it in internally, feeling power and love returning to the soft tissues, muscles and blood. You may ask your heart to pump this orgasmic experience all through your blood, so that every cell gets to soak in this bliss and healing.

If you are guided towards your head, allow the energy to flow in here, bringing with it new states of consciousness, beliefs and eyes to see the world and your inner visions.



In summary, external orgasms baptize us and wash us clean, and internal ones can be used to heal the physical body, bring in life force and offer us new lenses with which we can experience this world.

It is important to note that this isn’t just some “phenomenon” that happens, but a very intelligent part of our animal bodies.

Both our hearts and wombs emit electricity, creating a field of energy around them. This is known as a toroidal field. There are two forces in the toroidal field - the centripetal force pulls the sperm to the egg, and the centrifugal force pushes the baby out.

It’s the same for the heart; the outward spinning force pulses our desires out into the world around us, and the inward force magnetizes what will satiate those desires back towards us.

We are innately wired to experience our energy flowing in BOTH ways.

Exploring for Yourself

The next time you are getting intimate with your lover or yourself, get curious about where the power of your orgasm would best serve your body in this moment. Ask your body if she needs to release any tension or pain, and where that is living within her.

She may show you where you need to build and cultivate energy in the physical body. Or maybe you had a rough week with anxiety and depression; invite the wisdom of your orgasm to purify your mind and clear out any thoughts that aren’t supporting you on your path.

Our orgasm can be used as a tool to heal ourselves mentally, emotionally, physically, energetically and spiritually. 

Your body is an intricate map, but you don’t have to worry about getting lost because you have a built-in compass - your orgasm.

She will never lead you astray. Learn to listen to her and heed her guidance. The path of pleasure is long and winding; we get to cultivate energetic mastery with our sensuality, sexuality and orgasmic radiance with every footstep along the way.

Written by Autumn Rose

Instagram @embodyjaguar