Cervical Orgasm: Opening the Doors of the Heart

The cervical orgasm is a deeply sacred experience to any woman who has had the pleasure of receiving its medicine. This orgasm is known as the “queen” of all orgasms, and rightfully so. Everything about her is royal, and as we know from every good story or folktale, a fair queen leads with her heart. Not only is the cervix intricately woven with the physical, beating heart in our chests, but she is considered to be the heart of the womb.

The cervix can be found at the very top of the vaginal canal - it is round, and the texture resembles the tip of the nose. During our bleeding time she sits lower in the vaginal canal, and can often feel a bit more firm to the touch. During ovulation, the cervix rises up to the top of the vaginal canal and becomes softer. The reflexology point for the heart is located on the tip of the cervix, which is why the heart and the cervix are considered to be so deeply connected. 
If the heart is closed, we can consider this a protective mechanism. When we experience heartbreak or trauma, the heart will shield itself by becoming hard. The cervix does the exact same thing - if she has experienced sexual trauma in the past she can become hard and shielded, which results in pain, numbness, and discomfort. If your cervix feels like she is armoured and protecting herself, we can begin to let her know that she is safe through incorporating soft and slow de-armouring practices. Introducing a cervical pleasure wand (like the Cervix Wand™) is a great place to start softening both the heart and the cervix, and invites them both to open.

When exploring cervical pleasure, it is important to note that the cervix has both a face and a mouth. The face is considered the “tip” of the cervix, and the mouth is the opening that leads to the uterus. This is essential information for any woman desiring to experience a cervical orgasm because if she has a mouth, that means she also has a voice, and listening to what she has to say is key in seducing her into the thralls of orgasmic bliss.
The cervix will let you know when a sensation feels delicious to her and to keep going, communicating to you through an increase in wetness, turn on, and soft surrendering. She will also speak to you when a sensation doesn’t feel good to her, and she will raise her voice via pain, numbness, discomfort, or a straight up feeling of “no”. It is our responsibility as her keeper to listen closely to what she has to say, and honour her voice. Spending time with our cervix in our own pleasure practice is paramount in creating a relationship with her where we establish safety. Once we have tuned our ears to the sound of her song and established connection, she can guide us into unknown landscapes of eros, bliss, and life-altering satiation.

Steps to experience a cervical orgasm

1. Setting the container. Just as the cervix need to feel safe to soften and stretch in birth, she also needs to feel safe to surrender and open in pleasure. Create a container of safety for her to unfurl in by dimming the lights, playing some beautiful music, and have pillows and blankets handy for warmth and comfort. If your body can feel deeply relaxed and at home in your space, your cervix will follow suit.

2. Talk to your cervix and touch yourself with love. Whether you are self-pleasuring or lovemaking with another, first connect to your heart and breathe deeply. You may wish to set an intention or share a prayer with your cervix, letting her know you wish to connect intimately with her, and you would be honoured if she would be your guide.

Begin by touching your body in a soft and playful manner. You may wish to massage the breasts (the wings of the heart), legs, thighs, belly and womb with some oil. Allow yourself to sink into your sensual feminine essence, and from here bring your hands to your yoni/vagina and offer her sweet and gentle touch, perhaps with an organic oil like Pussy Butter™.

Build arousal by stimulating your clitoris and vulva either with your fingers or a tongue, breathing deeply and moving slowly, and once you are thoroughly aroused and well-lubricated, allow yourself to move into the vaginal canal.

3. Slow, soft and steady is the way to win her heart. Once you have entered the vaginal canal, take your time arriving at and dropping into a deeper state of arousal. This can be focusing your attention solely on pleasuring in the vaginal canal, or moving back and forth between g-spot and vaginal stimulation. Remember, these sensations of pleasure are warming up the cervix, so don’t go hard and deep just yet.

Stay connected to your breath and allow the waves of pleasure moving through you to take you further and wider in your felt sense. When you feel juicy and deliciously turned on, you can begin to increase the depth either with a penis or pleasure wand.

4. Make waves, woman. As you approach the cervix, begin to pleasure her in a slow, deep, rhythmic way. Let her show you what feels best for her. Sometimes angling the tip of the penis or pleasure wand so it rubs along one side of her is a great way to warm her up, or you can alternate side to side and listen for her response. She will always let you know what feels good and what doesn’t.

You may also begin to circle the face of the cervix softly with the tip of a penis or pleasure wand, while undulating your hips in a rhythmic, oceanic motion. This is where the cervix starts to get all juicy and you can hear her sing yummmmmm. As her arousal grows, you may notice the sensations of pleasure expanding throughout your whole body. Remain connected to your breath, and feel your heartspace start to soften and open as your cervix deepens in pleasure and sensation.

5. Deepen in devotion to her and ride the wave. It is at this point where things start getting hotter and the urge to go deeper and harder might come up. Introduce depth but replace harder with steadier, as it truly is a deep, steady, rhythmic motion that seduces the cervix towards orgasm.

If you are lovemaking with another, you may wish to switch positions now. Doggy-style will give you deep access to the cervix, and you can play with arching your back, or lowering your chest to the desired position. Undulating your hips while slightly pressing yourself back to receive your partner even deeper can really turn things up a notch.

Another incredible position is cow-girl, where you have control of how deep you go and the speed at which you move. Again, slow, rhythmic, circular grinding against your partner here is a sure way to bring the cervix towards climax.

6. Double the fun. Now is the time, if you haven’t already, to begin stimulating the clitoris, or in some cases, the anus. At this point the cervix is feeling delicious, your whole body is erupting in total ecstasy, and hopefully somebody is drooling. By adding in this extra sensation, it is usually the perfect recipe for lift off. Remember we are building towards orgasm, so too much stimulation or too much intensity could bring you out of this cervical dance - keep any extra stimulation at this point as a delectable side dish, and not the main course.

As you begin to feel the edge of orgasm, keep breathing and stay connected to your heart. Cervical orgasms are very powerful, and as they start to take you, allow yourself to submit to the guidance of your cervix. Stay soft and surrendered in your body (no clenching or squeezing), and allow the medicinal dose of the all-mighty cervical orgasm to usher you into a whole new realm of rapture.

These orgasms typically last longer than others, so keep slow and steady and allow yourself to ride this wave for as long as you desire. As you come back down and into your body, feel your heart radiating, open, and expanded, and relish in the deeply healing spiritual experience you have just had. Your cervix may stay abuzz with an orgasmic feeling for hours, or even days, and your heart will feel activated, alive, and wide open to the world around you.

Remember, cervical orgasms require us to cultivate a profound sense of trust and safety within ourselves for them to happen, so if you still haven’t experienced one, don’t give up! After all, cervix is the gatekeeper between our inner and outer worlds, and in order for her to open in such a way, we have to be ready. She may require us to spend more time getting to know her, listening to her, and working with de-armouring in our pleasure practice. Thankfully we have our whole lives ahead of us to explore her realms! The cervix truly is the queen, and after experiencing the multidimensional flavours of her medicine, we can see that her orgasms are nothing short of royal. Pleasure is a journey after all - it offers us a chance to know ourselves more intimately, live in our beautiful bodies more fully, and open the doors to our hearts wider than ever before.

Written by Autumn Rose
Instagram @embodyjaguar