Benefits of the Black Obsidian Yoni Egg

We’re at a time in history when women are prioritizing their self-care and their own wellbeing as central to how they can best support the highest good of all. This is backed by “soft-life” trends, and women being vocal about what they want, when they want it, and how - including sexually. 

We are increasingly committed to exploring our needs, pleasure, and desires, including the needs and wellbeing of our pussy! This exploration has led to the increasing popularity and interest in the magic that is the yoni egg. 

What is a yoni egg? 

Yoni eggs are semi-precious stones that have been shaped & polished to be used inside the vagina. They are designed to develop pelvic strength, sensitivity and enhance feminine radiance. When used consistently and accurately, glass yoni eggs can have even more benefits, including:

  • Increased libido
  • Increased vaginal circulation & lubrication
  • Increased pelvic floor strength
  • Reversing urinary incontinence & uterine prolapse
  • Increased sensitivity to pleasure
  • Stronger orgasms due to enhanced vaginal awareness & strength
  • Enhanced connection to sexual energy & creative life force
  • Enhanced connection to the wisdom of your yoni & womb

Yoni egg best practices and how to use one

Yoni eggs can be used in a variety of ways, which include lesser and greater degrees of intention. Regardless of how you use your yoni egg, you’ll want to consider the following points.

  1. Practice good hygiene - Before you insert your yoni egg, ensure that your hands and the egg are clean. Sterilize the egg with warm water and a natural mild soap between uses. Be careful not to put the egg in boiling water! As this can harm the structure of the crystal and its energetic properties, depending on the crystal.

  1. “Wear” your yoni egg - If you’re new to using a yoni egg, you may want to simply begin by placing your yoni egg inside you for a short period of time. You can either choose to rest in stillness and breathe slowly with the yoni egg inside you, or you can keep your yoni egg inside you while practicing yoga or mindfully walking.

  1. Strength training - Kegel exercises become far more effective when there is resistance, and this is exactly what the yoni egg provides when it is placed inside you. To add additional resistance, you can thread a string through your drilled yoni egg (we only sell drilled eggs for this reason) such that you can pull down on the string while using your pelvic muscles to hold the egg in place. You can then experiment with placing the egg in different areas of the vagina to develop awareness and articulation throughout. 

  1. Listen to your pussy - The idea that “more is better” is certainly not always true when it comes to using your yoni egg. It is not healthy to extensively fatigue the muscles and tissues. And it’s possible to experience significant benefits from a small amount of use. Listen to the guidance of your pussy and whether she is wanting more engagement or rest.

What is the benefit of using a Black Obsidian yoni egg?

Black Obsidian stone is powerful for clearing negativity and trauma from the body while supporting grounding. Trauma does not live solely in the mind, it is held in the body. Using the Black Obsidian Yoni Egg can help to release tension and stored emotional trauma so that you can experience your body and yoni as a clear intuitive channel. 

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