Are toys in the bedroom (with a partner) a good idea?

Depending how we use them, toys can enhance intimacy in the bedroom, or they can be somewhat of a barrier. This often depends on the intention & quality of presence that we bring to the experience of using the toy.⁠

For example, if the toy is a way of compensating for a lack of pleasure or connection, it may temporarily "fill" that void by offering us higher stimulation, but there can be an emotional hollowness that follows.⁠

On the other hand, if there is deep connection already established, a toy can enhance the playfulness & eroticism even more.⁠

We find that a Crystal Pleasure Wand, given that it is not vibrating or over-stimulating, easily leads to a highly connected & intimate experience between lovers, where there is an effortlessly devotional energy that is evoked by the person "using" the wand that is offered to the person "receiving" the wand.⁠

I have found that when a lover has massaged me internally or externally with a Crystal Pleasure Wand, he seems to become even more intentional & attuned to how my body is receiving the wand - because it is such an artful & delicate object.⁠

Any toy, highly stimulating or not, can be an enhancement to sexual intimacy - by bringing elements of play, curiosity, intensified pleasure, experimentation, and so on. Ultimately, we recommend cultivating meaningful intimacy that feels nourishing before bringing the toy into the mix - and allowing the toy to be an enhancement to the experience.