Anal Sex - End the Taboo

Anal sex.

Curious? Been there, done that, hated it? Never in a million years?

While there’s a spectrum of perspectives on anal play, the facts are facts; anal play is more popular among heterosexuals than ever before!

And I’m not talking about the type of anal play many women have experienced, where he’s antsy, she’s clenched, and the whole thing hurts like hell.

No, I’m talking RICH consensual anal play. His play, her play, toys, no toys, solo, partnered, hands, mouths, penises, and more!
So let’s get into the most common hesitations that may be keeping you from yet another portal to pleasure and self discovery.
Butt why would anyone WANT to try anal play? 

Well, there could be a number of personal preferences that make anal play enticing, but more factually, the anus has the second highest concentration of nerve endings after the clitoris!

Yes, it is a pleasure minefield, if you treat it as such. In fact, studies have shown that orgasms in women are significantly higher when anal play is included. And for our counterparts, it is indeed the home of the male G-spot!
Butt that’s gross and weird!

You might think so, but it’s been discovered that anal sex has been practiced by both sexes in ancient history all around the world! It seems modern day western culture, under the influence of European religion, has made sex in general taboo, so it's no surprise that “out of the ordinary” sex has a shock factor.
Contrastingly though, some eastern cultures (think Kama-Sutra), actually revere the “anal chakra” as an activator of psychic energy! All this to say, culture greatly impacts our perceptions of what’s considered ‘weird.’ Anal play is also practiced in the animal kingdom and honestly, is no more weird that revering menstrual blood, or eating guinea-pig in Peru! Let’s expand our horizons, shall we?
Butt doesn’t it hurt?

There are two sphincters that make up the muscles that protect the anus. The outer sphincter, which can be relaxed voluntarily, and the inner sphincter, which is involuntary and may take more time to fully relax. Like most types of sexual play, if you’re tense and feeling closure, pleasure is decreased! A relaxed, open (AND LUBRICATED) anus, is a receptive anus. This poses a great stage for exploration around what you need to relax all…the…way.
Surely, there are more questions and objections around anal sex that can’t be discussed in a single blog, however what keeps most people from having liberating experiences, is a lack of information!

This means anal play doesn’t have to be your thing, so long as it’s an informed decision.
But you know what they say! 

“Don’t knock it ‘til you try it!” 

Stay tuned for part two where we will discuss exactly how to achieve optimal anal pleasure.