What Makes Yoni Massage & De-Armouring a Spiritual Practice?

Our ability to lean into life and trust in the organic unfolding of creation, is inextricably linked to how much we can trust and surrender to the guidance of our own womb space.⁠

This is because our womb space is the birth place of creation.⁠

We live in a world where most women have learned to disconnect and distrust their own inner wisdom and guidance.⁠

This is due to stress, trauma, familial/ancestral imprints, and/or societal programs, all of which have accumulated internally as information that silently dictates how we move through our day to day lives, as well as how much we trust in ourselves and life.⁠

Addressing these blockages inside ourselves that manifest as armour between us and our own power and sovereignty, is as much a physical practice as it is a energetic one - which is why doing practices like yoni massage, yoni & cervical de-armouring, and slow self pleasure are so valuable on our journey of living in the fullest expression of who we are.⁠

Through slowly and gently addressing the tension and resistances that exists inside of our yoni, it is possible to clear and open up the channels to our body's innate wisdom. ⁠

This makes it possible to hear and trust ourselves more clearly,⁠

And thus to hear, see, and trust the Universal forces of creation more clearly.⁠

Leading us to lean into life - and who we really are - with more openness & fullness.

Our #1 bestselling wand for Yoni De-armouring and Massage is The Cervix Wand™ ✨ ⁠

Created to assist you in addressing, moving through, and releasing all of which stands between you and the wisdom of your womb space.